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will it do anything bad?

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Default RE: will it do anything bad?

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do you guys always use regular?

Well, there are higher octane fuels which have a higher flashpoint to retard the timing in high preformance engines. Thats why racecars use racing gas. So I figured that putting premium may change the timing alitttle....
Computer controls timing, not the fuel. That's what a tuner is for. Altering the computer program that controls the timing to take advantage of the higher octane. What you're thinking of is an older engine with many miles on it and some mild pinging/knocking. Higher octane may help there. Again, on your engine, higher octane without a tune is a waste of $$$ period. Go take it to a dyno and see for yourself.

As for racing gas...that's because racing engines have the timing cranked way up and run much hotter spark and engine temps so they need that higher octane to keep from detonating.
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Default RE: will it do anything bad?

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If you don't have a tune for premium, its ok to use it ocassionally. It helps to keep the engine clean.
How exactly does it help to keep the engine clean? The octane rating detemines at what point combustion occurs. Say we have a car that's tuned for 87 octane. Its my understanding that 93 fully combusts at a higher point than 87 does, thus leaving miniscule particles behind. Those particles don't really have a noticeable affect on performance, but I would imagine after 100,000 miles or so, there might be some buildup... I could be wrong though..
All fuels have certain detergents that are present regardless of brand. Otherwise they would not have EPA or government approval. All octanes of a brand of gas have the same additives regardless of what their commercials say (premium has XYZ additive)...

i.e. Chevron Techron is their 'special' brand name additive. It's present in their 87, 89, and 91/93 octane.

Rather than blow the money on the higher octane fuel for percieved cleaning abilities, just buy the cleaner concentrate at the auto parts store and addit next time you fill up.

So to sum it up, higher octane fuel does not have better cleaning ability than lower octane.
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Default RE: will it do anything bad?

OK, i got better mileage before a tune and using 93 octane but it was still only 1 almost 2 MPG so it wasn't worth it. Went to 93 octane tune and get much better mileage and more power.

In conclusion, putting higher octane w/o a tune won't hurt, but it won't help much either.
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Default RE: will it do anything bad?

Just to put it out here. Octane rating is the ability to resist detonation. A higher rating the more the resistants to detonation.Not to be confused with pre-ignition.Which would be a hot spot igniting the mixture before the plug does(Too hot of a plug/carbon build up on the piston..etc.)So the extra power from higher octane comes from the ability to advance timing without getting into detonation(Too the limit of the octane)But from what I understand all pump gas (87-9...) has the same BTU, which is what puts off the heat.But racing fuel has a higher octane +more BTU's.
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