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Failed inspection


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Default RE: Failed inspection

SCT sets the O2 sensors to off... that is why you failed (been there done that) I bet u got a "not ready" message so they could not run the test at all.

Call your tuner... have him update ur tune to turn the sensors on.....up load the edited tune..... CHECK THE OWNERS MANUAL FOR THE DRIVING CYCLE, do the cycle and bring it back to test and you should pass!!

this is exactly what happened to me and how I solved my issue!!
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Default RE: Failed inspection

I just put the stock intake back on this morning. I'll give brenspeed a call after I get it reinspected. Thanks for the help
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Default RE: Failed inspection

The following is from Doug at BamaChips:

"This is the reason why tunes may not pass a PCM code read emissions test.
EVERY tune made starting with a base file(SCT or Diablosport) prevents the engine from
doing as many tests as it normally runs in order to speed up the processor. For you
computer guys its kinda like speeding up the clock speed of the processor to gain more
performance from it.
The Ford PCM runs a series of tests called " Readiness Tests" on certain systems and
sensors, and these tests in turn simply tell the PCM if these items are performing up to par.
If not, then a code is set. These are SOME of the tests that are disabled by the tune
files, and this is why when you go to a testing facility with the tunes loaded you get a
"System Readiness Test Invalid" or "Not run". Not because of the rear 02's being turned off,
but because of the testing for the entire emissions readiness being disabled in the PCM.
Now for the big question, how do we pass testing?
The BEST answer is to simply return your car to the stock tune and the stock intake and
drive it for around 50 miles or 20-30 minutes. This will set all of the " Readiness
Monitors" and allow the car to pass with flying colors, as long as there are no other
Now we all know that some of us this just isn't an option, everything from Off-road pipes
to CMVC delete plates to Supercharger installations can prevent this. There are ways around
this, but for legal reasons I will not publicly announce it. All I will say is that IF
you've gone with a quality dealer or know of a custom tuning dealer to go to, of course
like Bamachips, then we know what to do to make your car pass the PCM readiness tests.
Consult your custom tuning dealer for more information on this.
Also, these tests are different. I've had customers who have reported absolutely no issues
going through their local testing facilities and others who report immediate concerns, like
described above. Either way these tests can be passed with aftermarket components, but
remember this is ONLY the tests that check for codes in the PCM. Tailpipe sniffer tests may
pass, but I cannot guarantee this."
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Default RE: Failed inspection

The other way to pass is by telling the OB2 scanner that the car doesn't support the systems its checking readiness is programmed into the PCM...since the emission testing software ultimately decides if you pass or not it can't tell whether a 2005 mustang is or isn't supposed to have those systems...this might be what the above is eluding to...however this will not help you pass a sniffer test...
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Default RE: Failed inspection

ORIGINAL: Argonaut

Im assuming they did an OBD-II port scan test. This test has two parts:
1) are emission sensors ready.
2) are any DTCs present (diagnostic trouble codes)
Dont forget the bulb test

But I agree with the above replies on the rear o2's being turned off comming up, not ready.
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Default RE: Failed inspection

I got an e-mail from Doug at BamaChips and he is making an emissions friendly tune for my mods that will not fail the "readiness tests". I plan to run this for about a week before I take it in to be tested, then I'll flash it back to my usual race tune afterwards.
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