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Although a V8 powered sports car might seem like a pretty cool idea for someone that is young, even after you get much older and wish you had it at that age. I'd say that from my experience when I was a new driver that is way too much car for someone that young to start out with. If you want to live (i'm not saying figuratively, I mean literally if you want to stay alive), I'd suggest getting something more economical. Sure these cars have 5 star crash rating but the trauma of an impact doesn't matter how safe the car is designed, you won't survive if it is too fast. Just my opinion though.

I started driving with a VW bug and all it did for me was make me nervous because the car is small and people tail gate it like mad. And I have had some close calls when I was young in it. I almost flipped it over once (windy situation) and almost rear ended a couple cars at high speed and also fish tailed from a stop light turn and oversteered on some turns. I never plowed it into anyone luckily and I still own it. It has under 100 horse but you still have to be careful.
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Why don't you want the v6?

When I got my GT in the summer of 06, I was 21, saved all most 20G and still need my parents help because my GT was 29G. Anyway, my dad tried talking me into a v6 multiple times, however my heart was set on the GT for two reasons:

1.) The v6 was ungle
2.) The v6 was SLOW

However, this is not the case for the 11 v6...There's even some nice *** looking v6 package.

If you do get the GT, I recommend you get the Brembo brakes and at least 3.55 gears ( I have 4.10s and love them)
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My own experiece does not directly apply. My first car was a new 72 Fiat 124, 0-60 in two days...my '10 Mustang is the first V8 I have ever owned (and I'm in my third childhood).

My son, on the other hand, had to learn things the hard way. I have been a car nut and driveway mechanic forever and my son was my third hand while growing up. When he got his licence at 16, he was ready. He brought home this Acura R that was all riced out. I drove it and the thing was quick. I refused to co-sign the loan and he did not speak to me for a year. I broke down and bought him a Civic, which he promptly tuned to be almost as fast as the Acura (in fact he asked me for a loan to buy an Acura twin cam to put in the thing, again I said no...more cold shoulder).

Fast forward to moral....with a 120hp Civic, he managed to put himself into a walking situation for 4 years. He just turned 25 and has to wait one more year to drive.

I consider it very lucky that that was the extent of it.

I guess I have to ask why your parents will buy you this car. You mentioned your Mom drives a Jag, what does your father drive? Is he a "car nut"? If so, you have been raised in an enviroment that might lead you down the path my responsibe son took. I never regetted not co-signing that loan. He just was not ready.
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Originally Posted by VRFlip View Post

Don't be stupid. Respect it, or die.
I agree.
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Look man... Im 20 right now. My first car was a 1970 mach 1 Original and unrestored but still in show condition. I was 15 when I got it. BUT the main factor in why im still alive is that I am a car crazy person, I respect that car more than life itself ( and yes that car has A LOT of power ) Since I respect that car so much Im scared to drive it crazy, one because I value my life and two because If I hurt that car I would die. I know you said you dont like the v6's but just hear me out. I also have a 2006 mustang v6. Its my daily driver, ya know I didnt want a pansy little v6 after I had experienced the massive powerful v8. But theres more to it than that. I love my little v6 now, Iv done some modification to it ( not motor wise ) and I get a lot of respect in it. Iv switched out the rear end for a gt500 rear and gave it some custom dual exhaust and ya know It aint so bad. As much as I wish I could say im gunna go look at a 2011 GT, I also have experience what its like to be behind the wheel of a beast, and I recommend you stick with a v6. Trust me you will learn to love it. And the 2011 v6's will drive just like your uncles 07 gt ( if not better )... So save some money buy a v6, and take the change you saved and put a GT kit on it.
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Well it is now June...did u get the car?
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we called the guy at the ford place and he still hasnt got a 2011 gt in he has 5 v6 2011s tho
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Originally Posted by Diabolical! View Post
At 22 I went to the dealership to buy an '03 Cobra. I had the money and a perfect driving record. After negotiating a price, I called my insurance company to get a quote. They wanted almost $500 a month. I ended up buying a new '06 GT instead and still payed $340 a month for insurance until I got married 6 months later.

I'd imagine that with 22 more HP than an '03 Cobra, the 2011 GT will cost a small fortune to insure.
Im 26 right now and in 2002 I bought a 1999 Mustang GT when I was 19. I think my insurance a month was probably 220ish a month on my parents plan but we have really good insurance and only had 250 deductable at the time. the quotes I got for z28 and transam I think were maybe 100 a year more.

Also since they car is new and worth more as well that will also be a factor in the price.

IMO I wouldn't start off with a 2005 or newer Mustang GT. Just too much power. My 2006 is quick and Im sure if I had that as a new driver I would have had problems. Stick with v6 Mustang or buy one of the older GT like late 90s versions that have less power.

IMO I wouldnt waste cash on a V6 mustang especialy over 20 grand for a new one. Just buy some used Honda Accord or something reliable and save all that money up until you get out of college then you can get something really nice like a Shelby Mustang, Corvette, M3, or even the latest Mustang GT coming out.

A v6 mustang is a waste of $ in my opinon. the new one while is 300 hp still does not have the power of the v8 05-10.

Just think of all the money you can for the next few years.

I have a 2006 GT only 18k miles on it and I want the 5.0 or the new Camaro bad since Im 26 and insurance is cheap now but Im leaning towards just saving my money up until I finish college up in a couple years and splurge big time then.
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