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how to reach 1000hp?

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Originally Posted by AsBaNy View Post
and i forget the price for Kenne Bell Supercharger Mammoth 2.8 is around 6100$ full package

Billet Twin Screw 2.6L BIG BORE Supercharger
Hi-Flo Aluminum Inlet Manifolds
Billet Bypass Valve Assembly with Valet Mode
Bar and Plate Intercooler (”Intercooled” kit only)
Intercooler Pump (”Intercooled” kit only)
Water Fill Reservoir (”Intercooled” kit only)
93mm Cool Air Kit
90mm Lightning Mass Air Meter
Kenne Belll Calibration (Optional Dual Calibration ”Power” & “Shoot Out”)
39lb Injectors
160° Calibrated Thermostat
130mm Filter (under front valance)
130mm MAF Meter
4.5” Ram Tube
Ford GT Inlet Flex Tube
Dual 75mm Throttle Body
MAMMOTH™ Inlet Manifold
2.8H Twin Screw
That is the bare minimum for putting it on your car, but that won't reach 700hp. Anything past about 500 to the wheels needs forged internals or you can say goodbye to your engine after a short while. Not to mention new clutch, transmission, rear end, suspension fuel delivery system, cooling system, and some very sticky tires. It's not something everyone does, but if you have the money go for it.

You could also look into swapping out the engine from a gt500. That can take some serious power and will give you more displacement to play with. You will still need to upgrade the transmission, clutch, rear end and tons of other things.
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yep.. you'll have an easier time using the GT500 5.4L 4v instead.. stkjock (mod in s&s) on his street tune is running around 779whp which would be like somewhere around 900bhp in his gt500, on race fuel and an a drag tune im not sure what he would make (he hasn't disclosed) i'd expect 850whp+ which would get him around the 1000bhp mark

that kit that you posted wont get you to 700hp, not even with a forged engine, i'm surprised they are selling the kit with just a boost-a-pump.. you'd want ford GT or gt500 fuel pumps.

if you want to beat stock z06s you can probably pull it off at the dragstrip with a whipple supercharger a few other goodies with a great tune on a stock engine, use race gas, there are some people handling well over 500whp using race gas on the stock engine, that should be enough to beat a stock z06 no problem.

I'd agree with what others said, your goal sounds like a dyno queen goal.. supras are great at that.. 1100hp and running 12s

figuring out how to do more with less is most real racers goal.
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V-Tech FTW yo!

But seriously......

Originally Posted by AsBaNy View Post

my questions for expert people
1- is that really give this much of power?
2- 4.6L engine is capable for +700hp without any modification ?if not ,what it need for?
3- if i add cams ,head and headers what will happen ?

my goal to reach 1000 hp ,any ideas ?

Thank u
Trying to say this without coming off as an a$$...
If your not already one of the "expert people" then a HP goal anywhere near this would be silly. Gotta walk before you can run.
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Deleted duplicate post

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I think you need to rethink what you're thinking. If you want 1000 RWHP, then you have the wrong platform unless you're looking at laying out in the $15k-$25k range. And, as stated earlier, it would no longer be street driveable.
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your goal sounds like a dyno queen goal.. supras are great at that.. 1100hp and running 12s

figuring out how to do more with less is most real racers goal.

I don't report on the hp of my mustang. At 22 lbs of boost with last build, probably a decent enough rwhp. The rwhp is incidental to the build and ET goals and something never really discussed. We are looking to achieve the results with the least amount of power and stress applied to the vehicle.

A major focus with this rebuild has been weight reduction and transfer.
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Originally Posted by 07 Cervini View Post
You could always find a spare Veyron engine lying around... check craigslist

bah... I hate craigslist... everytime I post a sale add, all I get are pics of dicks and trannies in drag

1000whp?? daily driver??

I had the same plans before, but if you want that sort of power- either you do all of the work yourself or with an ASE tech, have a dedicated tuner/dyno machine as well as an extra motor/trans "just in case". It's possible, but there are simply too many variables when you go crazy with power..

EDIT: If someone knew what they were doing, they could build the best motor in the world but without someone that can tune it correctly, it's useless.. much like giving the best tools to a complete noobie.. he has no use for them because he has no idea how to use them lol

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thank u guys for ur opinion and really i thought it easy to reach that number but now especially when i didn't find Moral support to reach that number i think now its difficult but still nothing is impossible !!
anyway i am Happy because i am her with mustang owners

thank u all gentlemen
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If it were "easy" everybody would do it
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1) Go to your bank.
2) Apply for a large personal loan.
3) Take car to a good builder.
4) Throw money at said builder.
5) Hope for the best.
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