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how to reach 1000hp?

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Default how to reach 1000hp?


When I got my mustang GT 2007 4.6L I decide to make it stronger because i think 300hp its not enough for sport car !!! so while searching in website for upgrading the mustang performance i found one thing can give y mustang +400hp over the stouck 300hp = 700hp i as what is written in website
i think u will say WoWOW

I will tell u how and what is that ....?
Kenne Bell Supercharger Mammoth 2.8

and also written theire no need for cams,heads,headers,etc....

my questions for expert people
1- is that really give this much of power?
2- 4.6L engine is capable for +700hp without any modification ?if not ,what it need for?
3- if i add cams ,head and headers what will happen ?

my goal to reach 1000 hp ,any ideas ?

my car is mustang gt 4.6L 2007 manual
i added this list of part
1-BBK long header ceramic
2-BBK Off-Road Shorty X-Pipe .
3-BBK Twin 62mm Throttle Body .
4-Steeda Underdrive Pulleys .
5-Ford Racing 3.73 Gears .
6-Aluminum Driveshaft
7- gear shifter.

Thank u
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If you want to keep the 4.6 then be prepared to spend close to 20 Grands on it, and I'm pretty sure you'll have to stroke it in the process.
All the work will also have to be custom, nothing off the shelves available to reach those numbers.
And after it's all said and done, that mill won't be street friendly of course.

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You could always find a spare Veyron engine lying around... check craigslist

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thanks guys for ur opinion ...

i know its very hard ....and thats why i am looking for expert people because nothing is imposable when u have target and u have money also

looking for more opinion

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chevykiller had a thread around here maybe 2 years back about reaching 850whp.. it takes a lot of money and a shop that knows what they are doing.. then to actually use the power is another story.. a turbo or 2 will be easiest to reach your goals with, I dont know if the KB mammoth or the big whipple will get you there. to use the power you need full suspension and new rims/tires.. you'll probably be looking at sinking 20,000-40,000(I think pascal was erring on the side of cheap) into it by the time it's all done right.. the engine itself needs a ton of work, fuel delivery, forged parts.. you'll need a new transmission.. if you can dig up some old threads by chevykiller from like 2008 he was going through his build process, just mimic him.. i can't remember what he spent on his 80 thousand? I dont think he knows.

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maybe Kenne Bell Supercharger Mammoth 2.8 only it will be good idea 700hp is not bad also

at least i can say bye bye foe Z06

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and i forget the price for Kenne Bell Supercharger Mammoth 2.8 is around 6100$ full package

Billet Twin Screw 2.6L BIG BORE Supercharger
Hi-Flo Aluminum Inlet Manifolds
Billet Bypass Valve Assembly with Valet Mode
Bar and Plate Intercooler (”Intercooled” kit only)
Intercooler Pump (”Intercooled” kit only)
Water Fill Reservoir (”Intercooled” kit only)
93mm Cool Air Kit
90mm Lightning Mass Air Meter
Kenne Belll Calibration (Optional Dual Calibration ”Power” & “Shoot Out”)
39lb Injectors
160 Calibrated Thermostat
130mm Filter (under front valance)
130mm MAF Meter
4.5” Ram Tube
Ford GT Inlet Flex Tube
Dual 75mm Throttle Body
MAMMOTH™ Inlet Manifold
2.8H Twin Screw
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Big bore Boss block (stroked)
Custom ported heads
Custom cams
Huge radiator
Big cooling system for supercharger
Whipple 4.0
Different transmission. Probably a powerglide, Turbo400, 727 or 4r70w.
Different fuel system
16volt electrical system

There's a start.
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So your "goal" is to beat Z06's?

At the track? Will you ever go there?
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my goal to reach 1000 hp ,any ideas ?

If all you want to do is get a pretty dynosheet to read 600-700-800 rwhp or whatever, forced induction with supporting fuel and other mods will do it and you will spend $X. If on the other, you want 600-700 rwhp and actually use it on a prepped surface like a dragstrip for ETs, then you will no longer be modding your car....but rather rebuilding it, and that will cost you $2X or even $3X.

That's why so many folk on these types of forums have high hp goals and not low ET goals.

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