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JCON 11-26-2011 09:22 PM

05 S197 "Dark Ace" Project
Back in August, I sold my beloved 05 V6 vert pictured below, for the same amount that I bought it for a few years ago (exact same price, had about $1500 in mods on it). Had 55k miles on it and no problems at all.

In September, and after months of searching and test driving. I found what I was looking for. My search took me to six states and then ended in Manassas, VA. Where I found.... (the cover was mine, which I kept from my old S197)

Where I found a 2005 Mustang GT convertible, 5-speed, red leather interior, and 38,000 miles.

When purchased, the car came with:

Ford Bullit grille

Smoke tails
Mac Boomtube resonators

Cervinis side scoops
20" chrome American Racing Shelby Redline
Toyo Proxes 4 tires- 255 front, 295 rear

From here, I knew I wanted to eventually add navigation and needed to be able to use my iPod/iPad 2/ iPhone 4S. So I added a Pioneer 4300DVD with a the 5V regulator and the relay bypass to use video while moving.

I also bought an OEM throotlebody that was ported and polished by Jerry Strannigan. His bench tests say 12-13% higher flow. I don't know about actual power but response picked up a noticeable amount and my gas mileage (with no other changes to the car or driving style and driving the speed limit on the highway, I can average 27-28mpg.)

I also cleaned up the engine bay a little

I have also bought a few more parts that I haven't installed yet, I am waiting to install to get the LT's ceramic coated:

Mac Prochamber
Mac longtube headers
SLP high flow cats

I am hoping to get the shop that is doing the LT install to run a dyno before and after to see what a full bolt on exhaust system does with an NA car.

I am in love with this car and couldn't be happier. I have a nice spreadsheet with all the mods I plan to do over the next few years. I will be updating this thread as I add more to the car.

Lem-06 11-27-2011 08:26 AM

mmm, nice car
grats on the upgrade to GT :)

808muscle 11-27-2011 05:47 PM

Looks great JC.

JCON 11-27-2011 06:25 PM

Thanks guys. I love that since I've owned this car (about 3 months now), several people have asked me if it's a brand new one. While a 5.0 coyote would be awesome I love my 05 GT and can't wait to add more to it. Surprisingly, I've even gotten the nod from multiple Corvette owners, who I have found to be jerks to other cars, especially Mustangs.

Lem-06 11-27-2011 06:37 PM

Yea I love my 06
Not a brand new car but looks damn nice. Only 25k miles when I bought it 2 months ago :)

iamgone 11-27-2011 10:13 PM

Nice. I am interested in the power gains from the Mac LTs and the Prochamber. Keep us updated.

Blacksmoke 11-28-2011 06:30 AM

Nice car.

Throttle body is not going to give you much of a gain if any.
The stock one gives PLENTY of room for air... and you need NO MORE flow than what
you get now. Especially given you are mostly stock with no forced induction.
Many people have problems when switching to an aftermarket TB on these cars
as well.

To tell you the truth if you could sell it to a buddy and keep your stock one I'd do that. Sorry about that bad news but it was a bad investment.

Not trying to bust your bubble just trying to let you know the stock one is best for your car and it's situation right now.
I had an 06GT for almost five great years and enjoyed working and modding it.
I spent a lot of time and effort and learned a MASSIVE amount about these cars and I have loved
doing so.

EVERYONE that mods themselves will tell you they have done a mod they regretted in the past.
The TB will probably be the first if you put it on.
I have known three guys in real life that have put these on and ALL of them ended up
swapping it back for the stock one.

The Long tubes will net you about 10-15 RWHP I'd say if I had to guess.
Glad you chose those instead of shorties. Go long or don't go at all lol!
They will be a good investment especially if you decide to go forced induction or cam the car
in the future.
Should sound nice too!

JCON 11-28-2011 08:00 AM

I always tell people not to do the TB but this is a stock TB. It was just ported and polished and was $75. I wanted the new sensor style since I thout mine was going bad so I bought the whole TB which came with the 07 style sensor. I don't plan on ever using an aftermarket TB on here. I am not concerned with it going bad since its all OEM.

I am hoping to install hot rod cams next summer. I. Hoping the full exhaust system gives me the sound I want from it, the LTs and Prochamber should make it much deeper.

JCON 01-03-2012 09:03 AM

Installed the DG Customs grille kit yesterday. Came with upper, lower, horn relocation, and hidden foglight brackets. I have not installed the fog lights yet.

Lem-06 01-03-2012 03:36 PM

good lookin car.
I got the pioneer 4300 also.
Does your brightness pulse any?

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