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What do you guys thing about Flowmaster Exhaust systems?

Old 02-22-2013, 09:44 AM
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Default What do you guys thing about Flowmaster Exhaust systems?

What do you guys think about Flowmaster exhaust systems? Are they better than Magnaflow? Who do you think makes the best aftermarket exhaust system for Mustangs?
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From what I have read, they are "drone city".
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I'm not a big fan of Flowmasters on the S197 4.6L but perhaps they sound better on the 5.0.

There is no "best". It's all personal preference so my "best" might be your "worst".
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I had an unnamed set on my old GT. I *think* they were American Thunders. Sounded good, nice and loud. But that drone...Jayssus.

The whole car resounded like a bell from 1800-2000

The only reason I say I THINK they were American Thunders is because they came with the car and I never bothered to check further than "Flowmaster"
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I read the same things about drone in the flowmasters. IIRC the magnaflows aren't much louder then stock.

I ended up with the roush axleback and I'm very happy with it. They're loud at idle and under acceleration. Pretty tame when cruising and almost no drone.
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I love the sound of flowmasters, I've had them on 3 of my 4 mustangs. Right now I have the 40's.
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I had AT flowmasters on my car for about a year. They sounded good with cams, longtubes and a offroad H pipe but I had to weld in some mid mounted resonators to combat the trumpeting. After I went FI they sounded like complete crap. They were completely overwhelmed by the increase gas flow. I think the flow thru type mufflers sound better on a s197.
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What is your budget for exhaust?
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I'm currently running these Flowmasters on my car:

They are actually on the quiet side & little drone here. Ironically enough this was the first set I ever had on my car. I sold them & got Pypes Muffler Deletes. I LOVED the Pypes, but went I went FI the "popping" sound on deceleration was driving me crazy! So I went out & boought the set above again. They got rid of the popping sound. Sound is low & agressive when you get on it.

That being said, I will probably try the Pypes Bomb:

I am looking for something a little MORE agressive in sound w/out the "popping" sound that the muffler deletes gave me when I went FI.

Good Luck!!
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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
There is no "best". It's all personal preference so my "best" might be your "worst".
Exactly right. Exhaust is such a personal area of modification, and one of my favorites for that reason alone. When it comes to quality, there are differences however. If comparing quality between magnaflow and flowmaster, I would say magnaflow is a better product. Of all the exhaust systems I have purchased over the years, I would put magnaflow near the top. Well made stuff imo. Taking sound into the equation, I would not put either of those systems towards the top on a 4.6l engine.
"Dronemasters" did not get that name by accient and while the magna's sound good, they are not much louder than stock...but again my quiet may be your loud, so there ya
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