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Default should i go 4.6 or 5.0

Hey guys and girls, I'm new to the site(no need for welcomes thank you tho) and I am looking to buy a 05 or newer mustang. I have plans to supercharge and swap cams on the motor and hit a minimum of 500hp, I also plan to do the work my self. I really like the 05-09 body and i know there is more chargers available for the 4.6, but really like the thought of saying it has a 5.0!!! so '12-13 so I guess I'm asking which is easier to work on which parts are cheaper and which would be all around better for my needs

P.S. sorry if i start a war between 4.6 guys and 5.0 guys!
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Well, I went to a local dyno day. My 07 GT put down 275hp at the wheels 91 tune/JLT intake/Bassani axle backs/4.10 gears. A 5.0 with ONLY tune/intake/GT500 axle backs put down 423hp to the wheels. That says everything about the vast difference between what these engines put out.

The coyote isn't just hype. As a 4.6 owner I say get a 5.0.
4.6 parts are cheaper but a full bolt-on 5.0 matches a 07-09 GT500 on the street.

edit: I'm trading up for a '13 as soon as the '15s come out.

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I prefer the body style of 4.6 as well, but you'd be a fool to get a 4.6 if you can afford a 5.0 at the moment. The 5.0 engine is far more superior. This shouldn't even be a question
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I'd say the 5.0 is a much better engine as well. But, just sos ya knows, the 5.0 came out in 2011. That gives you one more year to look at for the 5.0.
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Not even close
The 5.0 can hit your 500 mark N/A
The 4.6 will need f/i of some sort
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If 500 is your ultimate target and you plan to supercharge, the either will work fine. The aftermarket parts should be cheaper for the 4.6 but they are no longer casting the 4.6 blocks, so if eventually you want to go forged, you can easily get a brand new 5.0 block but the 4.6 will likely be a refurbished block.
All that said, I know when it comes to BIG power there is a weakness in the 5.0 design currently that hopefully will get worked out (the sportsman block is an attempt to resolve that weakness).
But at under 600 on the 5.0 you would be nowhere near the level to cause any issues with the current design.
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It;s all up to your budget. 500HP can be easily achieved with a 4.6L reliably. An FRPP, Roush, or Edelbrock blower can be installed and you're done no need for cams etc...
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I'd be a little concerned with a 4.6 running much over 450 RWHP unless you forge. I'd definitely go with the 5.0 if it's power you're after. With the 4.6, you'll need a good bit of suspension work to go with that SC. With the 5.0, not as much.
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I like the 4.6 and the 05-09 body style as it's what I own, but there's no doubting that I long for a 5.0 and the new body style. If money isn't an issue, obviously the five-ohhhhhh.
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Definitely get a 5.0
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