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    Mechanic 1st engine build 1969
    Fixing Undercover Dragster for friend
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  1. 10-08-2013 09:27 PM
    Hey bubba. I noticed that you commented on a post a while ago about the comp cams xe270hr 35-351-8 cam. What'd you think about it? I've got a 95 gt with all the bolt ons and a intake and gt40 head combo from an explorer. I'd like to upgrade the cam without butchering drivability. What kind of mode did you have with the cam and was it a noticeable jump in performance? How was daily driving and how was mpg? Thanks for your time
  2. 12-16-2010 08:35 PM
    found the other day- I have no codes though... something I'm missing to get the codes?
  3. 09-02-2010 03:05 PM
    thanks for telling me where it is
  4. 10-13-2009 07:42 AM
    Hey bubba,
    Thanks for the info; I will try it when I get home this evening. It sounds like you have the expertise help out a lot of us old shade tree mechís. I built my first engine when I was 14, Pontiac 389, back; I think it was around 1970, man that was a long time ago. And Iíve been under and on top of cars ever since. But let me throw another twist into the scenario, when I came out this morning, Waite a minute, let me back up a bit and set the stage a little better for you. the park light was an issue, but when I lost half of my instrument cluster is when I started looking into things and found out the light switch was bad and the harness was not much better so they got replaced, it took care of the cluster problem, but that annoying park light problem was still there, and I might add that I have no interior lights at all either. I know it gets complicated. But as I was saying ,this morning when I headed out to work, for some reason I turned the key just to the on position why, I really donít know ,the park lights came on like they always do, even though they shouldnít, but I guess after putting on the seat belt and messing around with the coffee mug ,etc, I happened to reach for the lights, and in doing so somehow I turned the knob a little, you know the dimmer switch , by the way the dimmer switch did not work either the way itís is suppose to, even with the new switch. Hereís the kicker, the park lights dimmed, Ya I know, weird, with the key on, car not running, light switch off, the park lights are on and they will dim all the way down and back up to maximum with the dimmer switch. Thatís right; the dimmer switch is controlling the park lights, not the instrument cluster and interior lights. But when you turn the lights all the way on, the dimmer part that was running the park lights disengages, and the park light stay on like their suppose to, but will not dim anymore with the switch. So Iím thinking that maybe whoever had the car before me, had the dash out and maybe switched the wires somehow on the light switch itself, if thatís possible, I donít know for sure, and even if the relationship between the two wires and where they tie in, could allow for this problem to happen, or not. I donít know yet, which wires they are, and where they go. So thatís where the schematic will come in, I hope. I really havenít been able to find a good schematic that specifically shows the light switch, color codes, and just which wire goes where. So maybe with all the help, I can solve the problem. But Iíll take a look at what youíve told me to check, and any other Ideas you might have, or anyone else has, tell I get it right. It just bugs the crap out of me when things donít work the way they are designed to. Thanks for the help,sorry I had to reply back this way, Iím having a problem with the format of this site.

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