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  1. JIM5.0
    03-30-2011 12:13 PM
    QUOTE by onegoal: "Over a 2004 slow 350z because her mom wouldn't co sign a loan for her. Why would you risk everything over a pos car? What are these kids thinking. You would think it would be a Ferrari or ZR1."

    Tom, I honestly beg of you, do not become like this girl in that link you posted in OT.
    You have a potential to become a good, and contributing person to society but you first have to do your best to overcome your obsessions.
    One of these obsessions of yours being that you have to have a brand new car.
    If you can defeat and control your obsessions, you can actually become a very good person.
    And if you do become a good and contributing person to society, you will be rewarded in a good career, salary, socially, and more. Focus on improving yourself first (including finishing college), and cars and girls will eventually come.
    Also, please do not forget all the positive advice people have actually given you. Several, including me, have given you some good advice on how to interact with girls, and socially in general. Do ponder on these and begin to integrate the advice to improve yourself.
  2. theACE
    02-20-2011 03:58 PM
    Dear Tom, I have found out all about you. Your gigs up man, get out of our forums.

    P.S. - Try to hide your secrets better next time, or else this wouldn't have been so easy for me to find out.
  3. JIM5.0
    02-20-2011 01:58 AM
    Tom, I mean this with all sincerity and positive meaning to be as constructive as possible:
    Do organize your goals in proper order and the things you want will eventually follow.
    If my thoughts about you are right, you have a potential to rival the likes of Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, and many other famous and great people.
    Will you become great like them? Hard to say, but with the undying focus and persistence that you can possess, especially for very high attention to detail, you could do great things. Apply yourself at school and put this persistence and high attention to detail into your studies and you can accomplish just about any course you take.

    Also remember, there is no such thing as trying too hard.
    If you try very hard and do not get the positive results you want, then you are doing it wrong.
    Learn how to do it right, apply the same persistence and attention to detail using the correct techniques and procedures, and you WILL succeed.

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