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Conversation Between 2000Stanglover and ponyandajag
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  1. ponyandajag
    09-04-2008 12:58 AM
    The military is real funny abut that stuff. I had better get some sleep. I have to get up in 3 hours. I would add you to my friends list but you don't have that option.
  2. 2000Stanglover
    09-04-2008 12:55 AM
    I would do that but ur not alowed to go the road and its right next to a gaurd shake.
  3. ponyandajag
    09-04-2008 12:48 AM
    Parked up under the wing between those engines would be cool.
  4. 2000Stanglover
    09-04-2008 12:46 AM
    That would be a cool pic. but i don't think they would like that. Everyone in my family has been in the air force and i just want to be different. We have a B-52 on the base but i looked at it and it didn't look like i could get a good pic form it.
  5. ponyandajag
    09-04-2008 12:43 AM
    Can't say I would want you to go into the army. The air force is a much better life. But, that would be a cool picture. I would want one of my car on the White House lawn since I was assigned to the Air Force Presidential Honor Guard for 2 years of my career.
  6. 2000Stanglover
    09-04-2008 12:38 AM
    I'm joining the army soon and my gf dosn't want me to go but it was my choice. I really want a picture of my stang and two m1 arbrams on both sides of my car.
  7. ponyandajag
    09-04-2008 12:33 AM
    My dad was in the air force also. Except we were at B52 bases. I spent 8 years in and my wife was offered an early retirement at 17.
  8. 2000Stanglover
    09-03-2008 01:44 PM
    My dad was in the Air Force and so we life next to a air force base. I drove pass it one day and said to myself that would be a good picture.
  9. ponyandajag
    09-02-2008 06:35 PM
    Love the picture with the A-10. Did you fly one?
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