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Conversation Between aaquib1992 and JayBeStangs94
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  1. aaquib1992
    03-25-2011 01:24 AM
    Ah thanks so much! I guess ill give craigslist a try then, haven't really tried it yet, but the deals sound pretty killer. Thanks again
  2. JayBeStangs94
    03-25-2011 01:22 AM
    Thought I'd message you on here as we're a bit off topic from what the thread is :P
    Well, the ironic thing is that i just installed the exhaust today. I found it on craigslist; only way you're gonna get it is by buying both mufflers, you'll just have to dispose of the other one (unless if you keep it for consideration of dual).
    The ad said 09 gt takeoff, turns out it was a '10. I was worried it wasnt gonna fit but realized the engine and exhaust system was the same from the s197. Bought the two mufflers for 10 bucks! got a lucky deal.
    Anyway, sorry for rambling on, It was a great idea. I thought the car was loud already. My friend said it sounded as quiet as a prius haha. So with the new exhaust I could really notice a sound difference, and i've seen a couple heads turn with the noise.

    I like it cause it's not exceedingly loud, but still give's it that "punchy" sound. It did "pop" or backfire a couple times but thats cause it hasnt been used for a little while. Plus they have hardly any miles on them. It doesn't do any harm to the car whatsoever, just a more fluent way of disposing the gasses.

    Keep looking around on craigslist, idk how i managed to find the deal i did! Ill be posting pictures and a video of it this weekend (i also installed my chin spoiler)
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