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  1. 68FightenFordFan
    11-28-2010 01:31 AM
    Hello, First off I am a huge fan of your stang and am personally planning on doing the same type of build. I have a list of questions about your stang but i will just start with a few. 1. The body- i saw you got your parts from branda, i see they are pretty pricey, where the pieces worth it did they fit well or was there a lot of haggeling? Ive been checking around and found that between mustangs plus and mustang depot, they provided the best prices, have you heard if thier pieces are quality. 2. The engine, this is where ive had trouble finding information. I want to do a 351W, like yours but every post i have read the owner backs out of it because if the hood clearance issue. They all want to keep the stock hood, I obviously do not. How much clearance was there between the '68 Shelby hood and the engine after it was all conected? Also I have been doing research and wanted to put on an EFI system using 5.0 chip, painless wire set up, and a trick flow upper and lower intake. Have you ever seen anyone have a set up like that, and do you know any issues that might be presented? Again all the posts i have read have the owner stop posting or back out of the idea. Which 351W block did you use. 69-70 or 84-97? How do you like the block and what type of number are you pushing out? 3. What was the resolve to the floor pan issue? Did you spot weld or seem weld. And it seemed like you were replacing a lot of the floor, why did you opt not to buy a complete floor pan and weld that in? Again you have an awesome car and thanks for taking the time to post pictures and share with us. I will probably post some of these questions out in the forum, but there are always people who argue back in forth over all the different aspects, I would rather I ask someone who has done it and who has completed what i would like to do. Thanks again


    P.S. Does the car have another web sit, didnít work when io tried
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