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  1. mygt500
    06-09-2014 10:27 PM
    Sry for late reply...I use meguiars tech wax 2.0 for the final step which is waxing...after claying the car. ..I use meguiars polish which does not have any cutting agents in it and has essential oils and polymers to make black paint shine "looking into a pitch black pond with black water so still it reflects everything looks like glass!"
  2. banditsno1fan
    05-03-2014 10:19 AM
    Glad to see things are going well for you and congratulations on the impending birth of your daughter. I will take your advice on the:icon _worthy: "never let anything hit the cement as it will pick up even the smallest grains of sand and will mar the paint! Same for any clay bar used on the paint" You never said what kind of polish or wax you used. I just installed a set of Corbeau CR1 Racing seats with the seat belt harness bar and the 3" 5-point camlock harness. Installed a fire extinguisher on the harness bar (looks awsome). Installed a new Optima yellow top performance battery and when (if) the weather ever warms up I will install the Cervini Tail Light Conversion Kit. I just started posting on Instagram (under banditsno1fan) if you want to see some new photos
  3. mygt500
    04-27-2014 10:30 AM
    This is the last part to my long message so read the second one first..

    I miss the car big time and I have not gotten any new toys as of yet since I am saving to buy a house in the next yr or 2 and have a daughter on the way and my wife is due in Sept of this year! Keep me posted and I will continue to enjoy the changes and see the trophies you win with the seasons car shows!
  4. mygt500
    04-27-2014 10:30 AM
    I use the porter cable (as well as on the stang when she was mine) and its the best I have seen for the price...use only soft finishing pads (usually black or red) and never let anything hit the cement as it will pick up even the smallest grains of sand and will mar the paint! same for any clay bar used on the paint. I have the speed for a nourishing polish with no cleaners set to 3.5-4 and with the wax I set it a 5 or 5.5 ..never needed any faster speeds from the porter cable. Clay the car first and if you drop anything on the cement please throw it away as it will pick up the smallest grains of sand and mar the paint! and yes I am repeating myself and not having a senior moment (afterall turning 40 in I have only needed to wax once a yr since owning the car from day one and promise me if you ever sell the car and she remains in decent shape please contact me first.
  5. banditsno1fan
    03-10-2014 09:54 PM
    I am glad to see I didn't disappoint you,it has still not seen a drop of WATER and will not as long as I can help it.I am looking to upgrade my buffer to a "Porter Cable 7424XP" what do you think ? Did you get your new toy yet ? As far as visitation right go we will have to see Ha Ha We do have a big car show in July 18,19,20 with over 7000 cars called "Syracuse Nationals"
  6. mygt500
    02-23-2014 05:00 PM
    The car look amazing and I am so happy to see the upgrades that are still tasteful and tactful! I am also glad to see the car still looks (paint and body) in great shape too. Thanks for the visitor message it really means alot to me. Please keep in touch...its like a kid that has grown up and left home for more adventures and found a new home that clearly lives up to my standards for how I would have wanted to see the car. I want to come visit this summer if possible!?
  7. banditsno1fan
    01-19-2014 10:53 AM
    It was 1 year ago today that I picked up my new "Baby" from you. Can't believe its been a year.
    I have done a lot of things to her.

    1) Air lift so I can get in and out of my driveway and it looks cool to
    2) 6 Glow Shift Gauges
    3) Lower Billet Grill W/Lights
    4) GloRyder Rim Lights (8 colors)
    5) Oil Separator for both Driver and Passenger
    6) Installed your K-Member Brace
    7) Power Stop Breaks and Rotors
    8) Installed your LED Back Up Lights
    9) Bullitt Style Black Fuel Door
    10) Push Button Start
    11) Shelby Black Aluminum Hood Pins
    12) Flip Down license Plate Holder
    13) Headlight Spliter
    14) Chrome Battery Hold Down

    Well I hope things are good with you and I just wanted to thank you again and give you a little insite on the Baby (I know It meant a lot to you).
    Thanks John
  8. mygt500
    01-10-2013 10:50 AM
    I have not sold it.....I thought after my long winded message Christmas day that you decided against it...i will email you tomorrow...i will do pics and vids tonight like you requested
  9. banditsno1fan
    01-07-2013 03:41 PM
    Did you sell it ??? please let me know
  10. banditsno1fan
    01-01-2013 01:26 PM
    hi, hope your holiday went well,for some reason I can't respond the other way like before.I am still looking forward to the new pics. and if you could a vid. of the car start up and walk around and in side to please. You are right about the feeling you get when the car is starts up and backs up out of that trailer. I just sold my 1979 camaro Z28 with a 454 30 over with a 871 super charger putting out about 700 hp, love the sound.
    Look forward to see the pic/vid. and don't worry if I do buy her she will go home in a inclosed trailer.
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