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Conversation Between FloRida Livin and SJSlots
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  1. SJSlots
    05-07-2011 06:22 PM
    No worries Paul! Thanks for the rating and do NOT worry about the rating at all! Hey, I'll gladly take 4 stars!! Thanks also for the photo comments. I've been taking photographs long before the car came along but honestly the Nikon camera does most of the work and a good tripod helps keep the camera perfectly still.

    Once you get a few shots of your ride make sure to add them to your garage so I can return the rating favor. I think my next shots I'm going to try and get some of the skyline here in the background at dusk... just need a clear night and sadly its been raining like crazy here in the midwest. :-(
  2. FloRida Livin
    05-07-2011 02:20 AM
    FloRida Livin
    OK Cool- thanks. Still learning how to navigate this site. Just found an earlier message from you!
    I like the idea of the black stripes- not sure about the whole hood.... gutsy- ya know?
    And I totally know what you mean about staring at the car! This is the first time in a long time where I had a car that I look back at when I park it and am walking away. It makes me feel like I'm 13 again
    OK- I rated your car, and am feeling guilty I didn't give you 5 stars man! I love the convertible, the color, the lights- if it was modified a bit I would have. Gave you 4 out of 5...I hope thats not an insult! Im seriously feeling guilty. How weird is that?
    Great photos too. I think I need to do a photo shoot this weekend. Yours looks like it was professionally done.
  3. SJSlots
    05-06-2011 09:17 PM
    When you view my car, on the left where it says 'Not yet Rated' in red you should see 5 stars. If you scroll over the stars with your mouse they should turn red to help you determine how many out of 5 you wish to rate it as.
  4. FloRida Livin
    05-06-2011 11:44 AM
    FloRida Livin
    Hey SJSlots-
    did you get my last message back to you?
    Dont know why, but I am having a tough time navigating this site!
    I had sent you a message back now I dont see it in the thread anywhere.
    Mine is a 2006 Roush Stage 1. The ground effects and silver on silver stripes is what caught my eye- havent seen one like it yet.
    What color stripes are you thinking?
    Ive got the great pleasure of having to REMOVE mine now because they are in bad shape. Happened over one years time- I think because a detailer used something he shouldnt have, but I will never know.
  5. SJSlots
    05-04-2011 10:08 PM
    Yes, mine is Vapor Silver. I looked at black and they just show SO many scratches and scuffs and dust etc and I almost bought a white one but those too show dirt more than I like. The silver cars start to look dull when dirty but hide it better than other colors.

    Nope, not a long time owner at all. This is my first one but is a car I have been wanting for too long now. The last few cars I've had I really bought out of need, not out of 'want' but this thing... man (and I know you know) but its just the type of car that I like to wash and dress the tires then sit in a chair and stair at it. (haha)

    As for stripes I was thinking black but we'll see. I have the black cloth top and I was thinking of the black chin spoiler and black tinted windows so I figured the black stripe was the way to go. I was leaning towards the dual stripes like yours but might consider different options. My buddy just wants me to paint the hood flat black then leave it... I'm not sure that is a path I want to take.
  6. SJSlots
    04-27-2011 10:15 PM
    Hey there. What year is yours? I know in 2008 they had only two silver variations, Vapor Silver Metallic and just 'Silver Metallic'. Hard to tell from your avatar image as your picture was taken in brighter sunlight than mine was. Yours looks a lot like mine though... really love that front bumper. Good advise on the stripes... haven't made up my mind yet on that one but I was leaning towards the vinyl. Might have to rethink that.

    Thanks for the message,
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