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  1. HT
    04-16-2011 03:42 PM
    The red wire? There are no wires with the Magden unit...everything is self contained. All that has to be done is power adapter plug-in, monitor in, and OBD-II in.

    Are you saying that the power was hard-wired in and it was done incorrectly? I'm just not comprehending how a failed unit would be fixed by a software update...

    I'm not sure if I have access to the updates, but I probably do.
  2. pasqualebaldi
    04-16-2011 02:48 AM
    I,m not sure if you can help me, but I recently bought a magden form a previous owner and he failed to mention that he had the red wire as the ground. Of course this resulted in the device failing and now i am very bummed. By any chance, have you registered your magden on the Magden website which allows access to their software update? I am trying to get the software to reinstall it on the hard drive. If so, could you please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Pasquale Baldi

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