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Conversation Between JMD and 68FightenFordFan
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  1. JMD
    12-02-2010 09:45 PM
    Hello Gabe!

    Jim is my son! his email is [email protected]

    We built Jim's (66JamesStang here on the board) 408 about 3 maybe 4 years ago, we started with a 1970 351 block and bought a 408 stroker kit, Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads, RPM Air Gap intake, a BIG Comp Cams retrofit roller and a 700 cfm carb. It is a screamer, If I had it to do over again I would do with a LOT less cam.

    IMO he is pushing about 450 HP right now and was probably was closer to 500 when he was running his Mighty Demon carb.

    His Compression ratio is a touch over 10 to 1 with 60cc chambers in the head, the stroker kit is not a brand name one but we bought "H beam" rods it is super tough and by going with the H beams, you don't need to clearance the block for the stroker kit.

    About 2 years ago I built another 408 for my avatar, this time I bought an assembled short block off of an eBay store, (the price was less than I could build my own so I took the chance and bought it). I went with the Edelbrock Vic Jr heads again (these heads do not get the respect they deserve!) and went with an Edelbrock ProFlo2 EFI setup. The c/r is a touch over 9 to 1 on this one and I am running a roller (this one is a roller block) Ford E303 cam. I built this engine to be a mild mannered "driver", but it ended up being a bad ass too. While I have not had the car on the road yet, around the lot it will spin my 14" wide M/T radials at will in 2nd gear.

    A 408 makes a great engine, super torque, reasonably cheap to build, and a lot of fun. I am sure I missed some stuff but you can shoot me a message or an e mail anytime!

    Take care!!
  2. 68FightenFordFan
    12-02-2010 07:30 PM
    Hello you recently posted on one of my threads:

    A retrofit cam kit (spider and bones with a reduced base circle cam) can be put in ANY 351 block, this is what Jim used in his 66 with a 69 351 block. It works more than ok...

    I was wondering if you knew his set up or if you could get me in contact with him. Im wanting to price out rebuilding a 351W and from doing more and more research i would like to bore it out to a 408. But i would like to ask the set ups of some people who have done it or are currently using that set up. If you have any advice or could point me in the direction that would be very appreciated. Thank you

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