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Conversation Between Prestophocles and MegaWatz
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  1. Prestophocles
    11-23-2008 09:54 PM
    Not a problem man, that's the reason I took the bullitts off my stang and went in another direction. I am about to take the AZA's off my stang for the cold months and put them back on in the spring.
  2. MegaWatz
    11-23-2008 08:50 PM
    Thanks for the offer, but i'm going to have to decline. I'm kinda wanting to set my 'stang apart from the others. I see everyone with the bullitts. I like the wheels you have, and thinking about getting them in the silver.
  3. Prestophocles
    11-23-2008 08:09 PM
    I was going to say, if you were looking for some wheels, I have a set of 17x9 bullitts. They aren't in the best condition, but you could get them powdercoated if you like. Let me know if you are interested.

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