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Today 06:35 PM

FTR i subbed him back out of pitty.
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By: JimC
Today 06:31 PM

The dash lights are sometimes due to a bad battery. Are you sure the battery is good? When you turn the key are you saying that is when the CEL flashes, or is it the anti-theft light that flashes?
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Today 06:12 PM

My hp48g has something to say about that.
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Today 05:55 PM

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Today 05:43 PM

Yup the car has over 180k, not sure how many on this intake manifold though. Ok confirmation that everything looks ok is a HUGE relief. Though I'm a little concerned that the gaskets between the...
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Today 04:35 PM

I did say break in any event whether it is trying to get them out or blow out. In his case he is trying to get them out. If he is a novice and the plugs have been in there for a long time, then...
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By: 3rdGt
Today 03:49 PM

I have been looking all over Google for this part. It seems to exist for newer models (non S197) but can't find any information on it. Your post is all I've found, this is very creative of you,...
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Today 03:40 PM

I have a 1995 Mustang that wont charge. We found out that the voltage regulator wiring could be bad. We change the alternator, battery, and computer. Is there anything else that could be wrong with...
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By: Z28KLR
Today 03:38 PM

Might also wanna set up your floor jack under the A-arm with just a slight amount of preload on the suspension before loosening anything up.
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By: Derf00
Today 02:32 PM

For 93, Red control arm bushings are usually BMR, BBK, or Steeda brand control arms. Go to American Muscle see if you can identify which brand you have based on the pictures.
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By: Derf00
Today 02:28 PM

Wow, thanks for posting, it's hard to look at! Timing tensioner or guide broke. That created two issues 1) Chain slack which led to erratic timing and possibly even skipping a tooth 2) Garbage...
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Today 01:32 PM

I have taken the car to to 2 dealerships and 1 locksmith to see if any of them could get the manual pcm to work with my cluster. If you didnít read my last post my automatic transmission went out on...
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Today 11:37 AM

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Today 09:24 AM

Ok, so it sounds like I should normally be able to push down the knob manually. Yup, need dive deeper. BTW, I appreciate the warning in your posts.
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Today 09:22 AM

I see the switch doesn't cost much and appears that even I can install it. Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try.
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Today 09:03 AM

What kind of damage to the valve covers? I have an 07 GT that will soon have 08 heads on it...The spark plugs have a different thread pattern on the 08+ than the earlier years. I learned today the...
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Today 08:35 AM

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By: JimC
Today 06:13 AM

It has been done, but it requires some modification.
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Today 03:13 AM

Can anyone tell me why I have no throttle. I changed the trottlle positioning sensor and have no throttle. Put the old one back on and still no throttle. Have checked all fuses and relays..
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Today 02:55 AM

I still want to buy if anyone has anything available.
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