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Found a GT for 2k. but it has 147,000 miles and it's a 5sp. Is it worth swapping that out? Or no? How much longer would that engine run me?
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Originally Posted by GCCBrian View Post
Found a GT for 2k. but it has 147,000 miles and it's a 5sp. Is it worth swapping that out? Or no? How much longer would that engine run me?
Some folks are past 200K miles on theirs and it's still running strong with the original clutch.
How quickly are you gonna rack up miles on your car?
Depending on that, there lays your answer.
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I don't know about that, seems to me like you should have that engine pulled and rebuilt before you stick it in your ride. The guys who have over 150K are lucky. I'm going to assume its a wrecked GT, not complete? You may be able to part alot of it out, make the money rebuilding the engine/trans to Ford spec back. I assume you don't want to mod the car much beyond the GT drivetrain? No forged internals, cams, heads, nothing like that? Because if you already have the engine apart, you might as well upgrade a little bit.
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Originally Posted by tx_zstang View Post
Look on mustangcollective.com. We just did a 4.0 swap this past weekend. Lots of swaps documented there, along with the needed parts.
You can't use the same transmissions as on the v6; the bell housing to the engine is different regardless of manual or auto.
It's not as simple as just changing engines. In addition to what JimC listed, you need coolant hoses (with external thermostat or built-in '07+ t-stat), heater hoses, power steering line from pump to steering line, exhaust, driveshaft (you can use an aftermarket automatic driveshaft for auto-to-auto if the rear end pinion flange is handled).
Then there's possible significant wiring compatibility issues if you're not careful. And PCM programming.

Lots of labor, even for those who know what they're doing.
Can you give an estimated price on all of what you listed above? I'm looking to either supercharge mine or do a swap and basically I'm going to go with whatever's going to be cheaper. I'm not too worried about the labor. Thank you
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Originally Posted by tx_zstang View Post
PCM programming.

Lots of labor, even for those who know what they're doing.
Yes, the PCM will have to be matched to
the rest of the OBDII CAN BUSS itmes in
the V6 vehicle.
A GT PCM wont plug n play in a V6 mustang.
And the V6 PCM wont work for the V8 unless
it is re-programmed by Ford.
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Old 04-14-2013, 02:42 PM   #16
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Think it would be possible to swap the 4.0 out for a 5.0? my guess is no because of all the electrical issues you could have
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Old 04-17-2013, 02:22 AM   #17
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I have a swap-setup available with nearly everything needed for a '05 or '06, with 4.6 engine and tr3650 5 speed manual trans. You can find engine and trans packages from $2000-5000 for everything needed. You can often find just a long-block with nothing on it for around 1200-1500, but then you got to find all the accessories and stuff its missing. By the time you get and find everything $3000 is a reasonable average total cost for used engines/trans with 50-75k miles.

PCM compatibility is not that big of a deal, other than you need to make sure you have a proper pcm relative to the year model of the car. The center connector goes to the body harness, and it plugs right into a v6 or v8 pcm, no issues. The engine harness is slightly different between a v6 and v8, with additional circuits and things in a v8. And then, internal circuitry to support the difference. Again, not that big of a deal.

So, a big challenge to a swap is in getting all the parts together.

I've done several of these swaps and with everything on-hand you need, it's not that bad.
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I could have got a used GT years ago with 77k miles on it for 17 grand and would have bargained with the dealer. I think book value was 14k or something. I'm not sure how used up the manual cars are with that kind of milage though so I got a new one. Mine has 16k miles on it but it is also a bad idea to keep the miles low apparantly because of carbon build up so I just drive it more now.

People just wanting to swap transmission alone in the GT forum say to just trade the car if it is auto for one that is manual if the person wants a MT. So I would safely assume the same for going for engine+transmission swap, that would be even more pricey.

If I was you I'd check car auctions and see if a deal shows up there. I have a car in the garage that is insured for 12,500 bucks and my dad saw an identical vehicle at an auction go for $65. Sure it wasn't in the same condition but that car normally runs about 3500 bucks running and needing a full restoration.

Check some local dealers too, just take a look at local friendly dealers and see what they have on the lot. When I found the GT with 77k on it, I wasn't even surfing the web to find it. I'm amazed nobody bought it and they moved it to another dealership. I think I met the guy who bought it though..he ended up putting a saleen supercharger on it. anyway it sounded like the identical car he described.

Why not mod the V6? a lot of guys in this forum have a great time doing that. When I owned one, I had a bunch of plans. and long story short I pretty much got talked out of it but I should have stuck to my guns and went with my original plan. because modding is cool when you have some ideas, it is fun.. costs a lot of $ but it is you car and it is good stuff. I might end up buying another 4.0 one day and having another go at it. I actually wonder if I can get myself a killer deal on one somewhere out there.
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The manual on the 4.6 is different too, 3650 instead of a T5. Best to get a donor car or trade for a GT.
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Older post I know but just wanted to put in my .2

On the '05-'09 S197's doing a V6 to V8 swap is very easy.. best way to do it is to have a donor car with a V8. Pull your V6/trans/driveshaft and slap in the V8/trans/driveshaft.... everything bolts right up, no modding needed.
I imagine the SN95's arent that much different... The biggest cost is the donor car....
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