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GCCBrian 01-25-2012 02:00 PM

4.0L V6 to 4.6L V8 Engine swap
How much am I looking to do something like this? I am interested in it, but what are the parts needed to do this, and how much would it cost? My uncle owns a bodyshop so I know he'll most likely do it for free as long as I supply everything.

Would it just be the engine itself, and having it installed?

stang06lv 01-25-2012 02:23 PM

there's lots involved including money. search the forums its been done.

MustangFirstCar 01-25-2012 04:32 PM

Well if you don't have an auto you will also need a transmission. Basically you can go pull a motor with all of the accessories out of a GT and let that be that. There are of course small things you need to change, but most of them, like exhaust, are pretty obvious.

obxdude018 01-25-2012 05:26 PM

Simplest thing is get a donor car, you will have everything at your disposal, search mustang collective they will have the best results.

Alec 01-25-2012 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by MustangFirstCar (Post 7817662)
Well if you don't have an auto you will also need a transmission.

Pretty sure if you have an auto you'll still need the GT trans, unfortunately.

MustangFirstCar 01-25-2012 08:39 PM

I thought the autos shared the same transmission? Maybe you can just swap out the housing or something?

Alec 01-25-2012 08:57 PM

Apparently it's essentially the same 5R55S trans, but the input/output shafts are different. At least that's what I've gathered from my research. If that wasn't the case, I'd definitely opt for the V8 swap but having to deal with swapping the trans as well makes it a pain especially since I just dumped a lot of money into (re)building mine

JimC 01-25-2012 09:42 PM

You need the engine, transmission, driveshaft, ECU, wiring, AC lines and fuel lines, and will need to upgrade your rear end to the 8.8.

It is easier if you can snag a donor car - and much easier if you find a donor the same year as your car because there are differences from year to year in the wiring harnesses.

tx_zstang 01-25-2012 11:00 PM

Look on We just did a 4.0 swap this past weekend. Lots of swaps documented there, along with the needed parts.
You can't use the same transmissions as on the v6; the bell housing to the engine is different regardless of manual or auto.
It's not as simple as just changing engines. In addition to what JimC listed, you need coolant hoses (with external thermostat or built-in '07+ t-stat), heater hoses, power steering line from pump to steering line, exhaust, driveshaft (you can use an aftermarket automatic driveshaft for auto-to-auto if the rear end pinion flange is handled).
Then there's possible significant wiring compatibility issues if you're not careful. And PCM programming.

Lots of labor, even for those who know what they're doing.

GCCBrian 01-25-2012 11:40 PM

I got a 5sp manual.

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