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07rousche4.0 02-16-2012 08:46 PM

07 4.0 - pushrod 5.0 swap
OK!!! before you kill me guy just think about everything i say before saying its stupid. so I bought a foxbody with a 5.0 and a t5 for 800 bucks all running, good part about having good friends. now my current 4.0 is now leaking oil and has alot of clanking around in the engine from either the lifters or timing **** in the back of the motor on the passenger side. it is procharged and has a few other mods that no longer matters. the 5.0 is getting it pulled saturday and slapping a few mods on including, lunati 51017 cam, gt40 heads, Edelbrock 1411 Performer Carburetor jetted down, intake manifold, comp pushrods, springs, lifters, stage 2 clutch, 3.55 gears with t-lok and the 8.8 rear end with spacers, longtubes, stage 2 procharger system with 12psi which will probably lower itself from losing backpressure, and 40 series flows. all but the cam, gears, lifters, pushrods, springs and carb i already have so im looking at roughly 1900-2200 bucks for parts because i have to get the new brackets for the procharger and get the rotation of the procharger reversed. the small amount of fabrication needed and the labor will run roughly 1800-2400 depending, maybe even less he told me but hope for less but expect more. I'm pretty good friends with the manager so im pretty sure ill get hooked up and have the whole swap and have a unique s197 with that real muscle sound, mods sound nice but i like old school. anyways ill keep you guys updated on how it goes and let me know what you guys think. been writing so long im not sure what im missing but i feel im missing something haha

Nuke 02-16-2012 08:53 PM

I'm sure a LOT of folks will be interested to see how you pull it off... I mean, how it goes. It's possible IF you have a lot of technical knowledge and can design and manufacture the pieces you'll need to make it work. I wouldn't even guess about the electronics...

07rousche4.0 02-16-2012 09:07 PM

well for the mounts we are just dropping the k member and positioning it and doing all the measurements there and making the mounts. as for the wiring it wont be so bad. Im working with the best mechanic in NY so I trust ill be fine and it will be done within 2 weeks

Alec 02-16-2012 09:25 PM

Very interested to see the end result. Definitely wouldn't want to deal with the tuning aspect of it

1slow67 02-16-2012 09:29 PM

Sounds like a waste of a 5.0 to me. Also flows suck so I wouldn't say youre getting the "real muscle" sound.

Plus that fox would be faster than your S197. Fox weighs 3200 pounds +/- a few, while a S197 is 3400+

Lem-06 02-16-2012 09:31 PM

Kill him!
Oh wait. Don't. This sounds too cool :)

Alec 02-16-2012 09:35 PM

Also, I don't realistically see it being a 'small' amount of fabrication. Not being negative, just after thinking about it, seems like a lot of work. For one, the 8.8 rear isn't the same as the one in the S197s especially if it's a 4 lug and considering the suspensions are different. Hope they can get you emissions/inspection stickers too

With the potential $$$ you'd put into this, why not fix the 4.0? Build the motor, throw a 4.2 stroker in or something like that? Probably would be less of a headache

I'm all for originality so you have my best wishes

07rousche4.0 02-16-2012 09:37 PM

Your right the fox would be faster but never as sexy, also the tuning wont be hard because its carbed which is one of the bigger reasons im converting it to carb. 40 series flows sound amazing with the 5.0s also... Im glad you guys find it interesting though and glad to be able to provide you guys with something new :)

Young_Gun 02-16-2012 09:39 PM

I would be more interested in this if OP's name didn't slightly offend me - especially since I almost bought a REAL Roush (went with my current because it had 20K fewer miles).

07rousche4.0 02-16-2012 09:43 PM

also the rearend isnt the same but spacers will make up the difference and if anything ill just get a 8.8 for a couple hundred out of a junkyard and slap the gears in it. i have an easy 5 grand to throw at the swap so ill make it work but after its all said and done ill post everything it took but ill keep you guys updated as I go through it

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