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Default 5.0 pushrod or 4.6 3v

I'm looking for opinions on which motor to use in my 69 f-100. I have a 2006 crown victoria front cross member so mod motors bolt right in, but making motor mounts not a problem.

I would like to run a six speed behind it to reduce rpm and hopefully help with mpg. Truck would spend most of its time on the highway.

Advantage of the 5.0 I have a few laying around and its what I have in my 37 street rod with a tko 5 speed behind it. So I could buy a new 6 speed with the gearing I want and still stay within my budget.

Advantage of 4.6 3v is its at least 10 or 12 years newer, but with cost of motor and control pack probably would have to find a really good deal on a used 6 speed which I thought I had lol or go with a used 5speed like a t-45.

one more thing if I used a tremec tr6060 out of a shelby I know I can shorten up the shifter, but could i get away with a slip yoke on the driveshaft and a conversion to bolt drive shaft to the transmission?
Thanks for any info or links. Thought I would have had motor already in by now lol.

Any advantage of one over the other?
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Mod motors cost more, so if you're trying to get more bang for the buck, I would go with a pushrod 5.0. If you want to make a mod motor swap worthwhile, the coyote 5.0 kinda blows the old 4.6 out of the water.
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Why not get a 4.6 4v with a T56?
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Wanted a 5.0 coyote but its about 6k for engine which is really cool plus comes with warranty from ford. But then you need control pack another 1.5k Front accessories between 500 and 2K depending if you just want an alt or want air and power steering.

Id love to have one but would need a sponsor for my build lol.

So for tranny think I'm going with a t-45 at 65mph only about 120rpm difference than a stock ford t-56 now after market would be more as the have a .50 top gear compared to stock .62

Motor will either be a 4.6 3v or a 4.6 4v looking for an aviator motors.
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Since you have a 5.0 pushrod block, I'd stay with that.
Maybe put a 342 or 331 stroker kit in it (347 will need a block bore) with a T56 or a 5spd Tremec.
This will be the cheapest of your two options, especially if you go with a carburetor.
Also, the push rod will sound period for that 69 truck, the 4V 4.6 mill is fine as well but the 3V engines never sounded right IMO.

-A stroker kit is less than a Grand.
-If you go stroker, you'll want better flowing heads... like AFRs 165: roughly $1400.
-A used T56 runs about $1500 or better.

Just a few numbers for you since I went with that combo on my old Cougar.

Now, if you want to save a few bucks by staying stock on that 5.0, a six speed might be hard to grab on a truck unless you live in flat lands...
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Lots of good advice, I had found a t-56 for 1k but I didnt get it quick enough So I picked up a t-45 with clutch cable , b&M ripper shifter and a few more parts need for less than that. Now I'm on the hunt for a Lincoln Mark VIII . I already have a 5.0 with a 5 speed tremec in my 37 ford truck Have 4.11 gears in the rear. I like and really love the tranny but wanted to go with something different in this truck. The 69 right now has a 360 with a 3 speed sad thing only 8k miles on it, but didnt know that when I bought it the instrument cluster was all cloudy.
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How high does that odometer read to, you sure it didn't hit 99,999.9 and roll over, making it 108,000.0?
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It would cost to much to put a coyote in it unless u find one cheap, I saw pushrod 347 stroker, AFR heads, nasty cam, carbed. Good power and cheapest route.
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I'm sure od didn't roll over nothing is worn enough to show 100k and truck sat in barn for at least 17 years. I'm going to go with a 5.0 4V coyote. Might cost a little more than pushrod 5.0, but figure its like when I put the 5.0 gt motor in the 37 flatty ran great but 5 or ten years from now how hard will it be to find a part for it in the middle of nowhere, plus already did the small block and probably will do a 351 in the 67 shelby clone. Thanks for all the advice.

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Gary Ugarek
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Coyote longblock is about $6000 new, find a wrecked GT and take the engine may save a few bucks that way.
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