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bking2010 06-11-2014 05:54 PM

96 Mustang 351w efi swap
Hello guys :icon_smile:, i recently bought a 96 mustang gt with the 4.6L and the rod is knocking:icon_frown:. I have a guy that has a F150 with the 351w efi and is procharged i can get pretty cheap(1000$ for whole truck). So i was wondering what all would be necessary to make the swap? I want to leave it EFI, will the F150 harness convert over or do i need a different harness?

dawson1112 06-14-2014 12:58 PM

Im pretty sure you need a new harness, along with a different K-member. Youll need a K-member from a 94-95 mustang because the 4.6l mounts differently than the 351. Swaping K-members is not a simple bolt up task , if you get it in crooked youll never be able to have it aligned and it will always pull one way or the other.
By the time you spend the 1k on the truck , then the money youll need to convert it all over you would have had the money to just get another 4.6l put in it.

bking2010 06-16-2014 01:31 AM

I thought the motor mounts can just be changed. I wouldn't think I'd need to change the whole k member. Just different oil pan and motor mounts should set it in place. Im more concerned on finding headers and wondering if the harness can just swap over

col2560 06-21-2014 05:07 PM

I think just about any engine will fit in any car, if you have the patience and the know-how. I have seen a 351 in the front of a vw beetle. Being that it's an all Ford swap should make it easier, I have noticed how many similar parts are used across the Ford line-up.

jsimmonstx 06-24-2014 04:54 AM

When I was researching my impending motor swap (later model Mustang, essentially same engine), I used google HEAVILY. There may be swap motor mounts available, but the tubular K-member is absolutely the best way to go (if it's available). Check BMR or AJE. If anyone has one, one or both of those companies will.

Next, if you're going to make more than 350-400HP, you're going to need to upgrade your transmission. I think a Tremec T56 Magnum may work for you (if it fits in the trans tunnel). If the Magnum doesn't fit, a TKO 600 will be your best bet. You'll twist a T5 in half with a stout 351w.

The next thing you have to concern yourself with is electrical stuff. If you want to keep your OEM instrumentation, you probably have to retain the ECU. Want A/C? more electrical stuff. BTW, I'm using Fox body accessory brackets, an alternator from a 94 Mustang, and a A/C compressor from a 93 Fox.

Finally, you have to concern yourself with hood clearance. A 351 with an OEM EFI setup is going to be TALL.

I would send the motor you have to a machine shop to be rebuilt - there's no point in putting in a used motor without knowing what's in it (or wrong with it). Also, put aluminum heads on it. A 351w with aluminum heads weighs less than a 289/302 with iron heads.

If I were you, I'd budget $15k for this swap.

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