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Default Is it worth it?

Well first off, I'm new here so hey y'all. I'm not currently a mustang owner, but am looking into one currently. Lately I've been looking into them hard. Looking for a simple project I can work on over the years. Something with maybe a little rust but not something that needs a ton of sheetmetal shaped and welded etc. So a guy I know owns and restores mustangs... And has one he'd let go for 2750. It's a... I believe a 77 Cobra 2 with the 302 4-speed. Says it runs and drives. To get it home would be a 2-hour trek with it and said for 250 extra he'd change all the fluids and give it a good once-over to make sure it'll make the drive home. Tell me what you guys think... Worth it?

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Looks pretty solid. Places to check are the inner fender wells around the engine. They rust out and they don't make replacements for them. Also check the frame rails in front where the lower cross brace bolts in.

They do make floors for them now and rear quarter skins too if needed.

I think the 2750 is a bit high, but not by much. These are fun little cars, the only down side to them is so many rarer parts or parts for these cars only and there isn't much in the way of repop parts for them.
go to:

There's more activity and a ton of info there on these cars and how to's on some cool mods.

So get some more info/pics. If it's solid, I'd say go for it.
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Wild exhaust pipes...wonder what else is off
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First of all the trim is all wrong for a cobra as it has the base model trim. It has painted over '78 only deluxe door panels and the interior does not match. It could be replaced, but has a lot wrong to be "right". Still it would be a lot of fun to get it... and while your post is old, we'd love to know if you got it. I'd put the can about $1200
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Heck no, step up to a Fox body at least.
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i say no
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I would run far away.
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