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Default Site Rules and Moderator Info

Mustang Forums membership is diverse, covering people from various countries, backgrounds, ages and experiences. Considering this diversity and to make Mustang Forums enjoyable for the majority of our membership, we have adopted the following simple posting guidelines.

1. Vulgar language, images and other offensive material including, but not limited to, race, nudity or pornography is not tolerated here. The Mustang Forums staff shall be the sole judges of what does and what does not violate the boards standards.

2. While debating and discussion is fine, respect your fellow enthusiasts. Being of a diverse background, members are likely to express different opinions, and while opinions may differ from yours, they are just that, opinions; and everyone is entitled to express theirs freely. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, or personal attacks. Do not flame, bother, bug, disrespect, hound or taunt ANYONE on the forums or through private messaging or chat room. If we feel a thread is getting out of hand we will close or delete it. You can/will lose your posting privileges if you continue this type of behavior.

3. "Trolls", "Flames" and/or "Board Wars" are not tolerated here or elsewhere. Posts that taunt or are otherwise inflammatory against other sites will be removed. Also, anyone found to be making inflammatory posts and remarks on other forums (starting Flame/Board Wars) can and will loose their posting privileges here. This rule also applies to those that, for whatever reason, feel a need to post negative remarks about this site on other forums. If you do, don't expect to be welcome here.

4. Double posting is not allowed and can result in the deletion of one or both posts. Double posting is defined as posting the same information in two or more separate forums. We understand that some topics might fit into more than one forum. Please try to pick the best one. In addition, please do not post in the same thread back to back (another version of double posting), if you have something more to add, edit your post, don't post twice in a row in a thread.

5. Selling or solicitation of ANYTHING in the general forum, by Private Message or in Chat is considered Spam and is not allowed. Anyone found posting excessive links to their websites, or suspected of "sneaky" advertising will be warned and will possibly lose their posting privileges. Please post your private party ads in the Mustang Forums Classifieds forum sections. If you are a business and have a product or service that would be of interest to our members, visit our Advertising/Sponsorship page to learn how you can join our team and help support our community. We offer a variety of low-cost packages that can be of great benefit to your company.

6. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short), "smiley" only, non-sense posts and such. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count ("post whoring") is frowned upon. If you do engage in this type of activity, we can prevent your post count from increasing from that point forward or possibly ban your account.

7. No promotions of other related sites. There is no problem with occasionally using the name of other sites or even posting a link to a pertinent thread from another site, but repeatedly referring to other related sites is considered "SPAM" and is not allowed. Please have the decency of NOT putting links to them in your signature, profile or have a post, PM or Chat telling our members to come over to another related site. Such activity is ground for removal from signature, and repeated offenses are grounds for being banned.

8. You are not allowed to post links that lead to an affiliate program or that in any way earn you something. We consider you earning something if you have an affiliate ID, website, or if you earn money from banner impressions or click-thru's. If you feel that you have a service or product that the members of Mustang Forums can benefit from notify the Administrator.

9. Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed and can quite possibly result in both accounts being removed without notice.

10. Illegal transactions/sites, selling of personal information (i.e. credit cards, e-mail addresses), pornography, etc are not allowed in the forums and will result in the deletion of the post and the revocation of your posting privileges.

11. Don't post "Hey BigJoe1456"as a thread, if you need to speak to someone specifically, PM or email them.

12. While these rules cover most common situations, we cannot anticipate everything. Therefore, we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure our site is not disrupted or abused in any way.

13. Moderators and Administrators have final word in anything and everything. If you have a problem or a complaint direct it to them, not to the general forums. They will then take the appropriate actions. This applies to issues with the forum in general, as well as issues with other members.

14. We ask that members keep in mind membership is a privilege, NOT a right, and as a private forum, the administration and moderators have total say as to which members are, and are not allowed. The same rule applies for single posts and threads, and anything deemed to be inappropriate by any member of the staff will be removed. Members who continue to ignore this rule will be removed with no possibility of return.

15. Trolling: This has a working definition of "attempting to be as annoying as possible while still technically obeying the rules," and it's not the way to go about getting attention. Attempting to derail threads, posting off-topic inanity, or flame-baiting are all strictly forbidden. There also tends to be a thin line between being abusive and immature and being argumentative. Crossing it persistently will lead to a ban.

16. If you have a problem with another user, please bring it to the attention of forum staff. Dealing with problem users is solely the responsibility of the moderation team. Do not attack the user yourself or attempt to do our job for us. Any action you take that we see as making the situation worse may be punished with infractions or more. If you have a problem with a Moderator or moderating decision, do not make the issue public, and notify the Administrator. If you have a problem with the Administrator, write a strongly-worded letter to your local Congressman

These can be amended over time without notice.

There is to be no advertising here at without prior permission from either myself or Ralph. So if you would like to advertise, setup a link exchange or so forth please contact Amanda at [email protected].

In addition, we don't want you uploading a picture/graphic and linking it at another site. It steals our server space and robs our members of a faster MF. So, if you go to another site and plan to display a picture with a URL that starts with: "" PLEASE DON'T. We can and will ban you for stealing bandwidth.

Thanks everyone!! This keeps MF running FAST!


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Default RE: Rules of MF... UPDATED!!!

Import people come in here and pay attention!

I'm going to say this one more time.

There has been an influx of import owners coming onto this site lately, and that’s fine. It's an open forum, and it's America. You're all welcome to be here. We've been doing a lot of things to clean this place up and stop all the bickering.

With that being said, here are a few things that you need to understand.

1.) This is a Mustang forum and the idea is to discuss MUSTANGS
2.) If you're here just to start trouble because you don't like the domestic guys, you will not be tolerated.
3.) Feel free to state your opinion, but keep in mind, we're not here to learn about Civics, EVO's, WRX's...
4.) We all know how fast the EVO and STI are.
5.) There will be no more discussion about the arguments. If you're a chronic offender insulting the domestic guys (and girls) you will be banned without warning.

Like I said, if you're here to learn about Mustangs, great! Ask all the questions you'd like. I'm not sure why the sudden rush of import owners, but please keep in mind; these people are not here to learn about imports. Most of the members are here because they need help and other people’s opinions on their Mustang.

If you have a question about something, feel free to ask myself, any of the other moderators, or contact Admin directly. We're all here to help.
Thank you, Sidewayz
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Default Site Rules and Moderator Info

Since MustangForums is getting more and more new members we wanted to identify the Section Moderators in case there is a problem. The Mustang News, Concepts Rumors & Discussion Section Moderator is:

* Joolander

Here is a quick list of other MF Staff Members whom you may contact as needed:

* Ride Of The Month
* Hotrods_n_Booze

Assistant Administrators
* 28HopUp

Site Moderators
* Dan04Cobra
* Sidewayz6.0
* Nanaki
* Acer2428

Please remember that weare volunteers here (and car enthusiasts!), but we cannot oversee every thread 365/24/7. If you see a problem developing, please shoot a PM to one of the Mods so we can take the proper action. That will help us keep this place running smoothly, which benefits all members.

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You can add me to the list too

site moderator!!!!! thanks
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