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Default Motor Trend:2010 Camaro SS vs. 2009 Challenger R/T vs. 2010 Mustang GT

Finish Lines

Going into this test, and knowing the basic stats, we had an inkling how it might turn out. (All three cars, by the way, eke out impressive and nearly identical fuel-economy results -- though the Mustang's lack of a six-speed means it finishes last on EPA.) Never did we guess, though, how close the overall finish would turn out to be.

In third place, the Dodge Challenger R/T. Third of three, but hardly last. As MacKenzie well sums up: "Hugely endearing personality. Even though the Challenger starts to fall apart dynamically above 7/10ths you can't help but like the big guy. It's sorta like a Heritage Soft-Tail Harley; a carefully crafted and easy to own reminder of a simpler, sunnier America." Astutely executed, fast, and sit-back comfortable, the Challenger is the pony you'd ride for a 50-state tour. On the downside, the orange bruiser simply can't carve with the precision of its rivals, and though it starts with a mid-pack base sticker ($30,945), adding the good stuff (six-speed manual, 3.92 rear axle, limited-slip diff, 20-in. wheels and tires, etc.) pushed the price of our tester to a trio-topping $38,270.

Finishing in second place . . . the Ford Mustang GT. Mind you, this was a photo-finish. The Mustang with Track Pack blew us all away with its sublime steering, incredible front-end grip, stylish cockpit, and beauteous V-8. As Loh notes, "That's what most impressed me: Ford's two competitors had the advantage of sampling 45 years of Mustang DNA, yet they still couldn't pull out a runaway win." The Mustang scores well on value, too: base price for the GT is $28,845, and with Premium package, Track Pack, security package, and the comfort group, our test car totaled $34,330. The Ford might even have scored an upset, except it cannot match the Camaro's unfailing poise, its breathtaking power, or its styling drama. Those quality issues sure didn't help, either.

And so . . . our winner, the Prime Pony of the 21st Century is . . . the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Considering all the ways GM could easily have got this car wrong, it's nothing short of a triumph how unquestionably the company got it right. The Camaro might trail the Mustang in handling sharpness, and there's no doubt it finishes last for cabin and trunk volume, but, well, you don't pick your pony for the size of its saddlebags. Graced with massive power, excellent efficiency, unfailing refinement, and show-stopping looks, the Camaro SS nails every essential for its segment. What's more, it's priced to steal. Base sticker for the 1SS manual: just $30,995. With the Boston Acoustics audio package, our cloth-seat tester climbed only to $31,490. Go nuts with the options pencil -- adding leather, power sunroof, ground effects, six-speed auto, and more stuff you really don't need -- and you can nudge the SS just over $40K.

So there you have it: Chevrolet claims the ponycar title, circa 2009. Now, go to it, Hatfields, McCoys, and HatCoys. We've been waiting 35 years to witness once again perhaps the all-time greatest feud in Autoland. Where's my cigar? Ah, there's the opening bell!
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I could have told you that was going to be the outcome pretty easy. This just proves if Ford were to put a dohc 5.0 in the mustang it would be hands down the best car. Thats the only thing it is lacking right now is a 400+ hp motor like the other two have. I think it is kinda of funny how Ford plans on getting similar power numbers with a much smaller motor... and n/a. So no more excuses from the Chevy guys like "yeah but you need a s/c'er. But I probably should not get ahead of myself or it will bite me in the a$$.

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The SS is only 2k more than the Stang? I love my stang, but damn... this kinda reminds me of when the LS1 Z28 came out in 98... only a grand or two over the gt!
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The camaro doesn't have much cabin or trunk room? How the hell not. It's almost as big as an SUV.
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Originally Posted by mrtstang View Post
The SS is only 2k more than the Stang? I love my stang, but damn... this kinda reminds me of when the LS1 Z28 came out in 98... only a grand or two over the gt!
In the article, the Mustang and Challenger were fully loaded. The Dodge priced in around 38 the Mustang around 34 and the Crapmaro around 31. The Camaro, however, was an el-cheapo. Cloth seats, etc. It says in the article that a fully loaded SS will cost 40+. Also, a bare bones Mustang GT can be had for around 28-29.
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Im a mustang fan and even i agree that the Camaro easily takes the top spot for now. Once mustang gets the new engine then thatll easily be #1.
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^ IF it gets the new engines.
i know that alot of people are saying : "oh it's pretty much a done deal for 2011"
but many said the same thing circa 2008 about 2010
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Dont flame me, im a huge mustang fan, but that new camaro is sexy as hell.
I really dont like the new mustang look though. The rear of the car looks like trash to me. I think they could have done alot better.....
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crapmaroooooooooooo lol
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My only bellyache about our 05-10 stangs, the headrests.

I love the lines of the 09 and below. The 10 just cries to have the fog lights deleted and the rear; butt ugly.

I also own an LT1 Camaro (1995) and it's a beast. I love that car as well.

I'm going to keep my 07 stang but should Ford come out with something other than these 4.6's, I'll give it a look and perhaps buy.

As for the Camaro, I may end up with one of the new ones. I bought the Ford because Chevy was slow with the release of the new Camaro and I've been pleasantly surprised by Ford. I bought her new in 12/07 and never owned a Ford before.
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