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Default Is Roush's Stage 3 The Best Mustang You Can Buy?

The aftermarket for the Ford Mustang is simply insane. But it always seems that the best modified Mustangs come straight from Ford. Does the Roush Stage 3 defeat the Boss 302 as the best Mustang you can get?

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The douche in this video says it best, This Roush cost 68K and it costs way to much $$, buy a vette for that kind of money, it a faster car, on a better platform or buy a LS Boss for 48K and slap a SC on it and save a ton of money.

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One of the recent car magazines reviewed the Roush RS3 and they were only able to get a couple tenths faster 1/4 over a stock GT. I think the Roush is more of a handling car but for the money I'd rather have a GT500. I think a boss 302 is just as good, if not more so, as a Roush.
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Gary Ugarek
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I love stangs and I love what Roush does with stangs, but they're way over priced considering what they add to the car.

For 68k I expect to keep up with a Vette, but that isn't the case. I'll stick with my stock GT and V6 vert DD.
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It seems like you're paying for their overheads and warranty when you buy a Roush Mustang.

I think it looks so much better than the tacky bodykitted Saleens (apart from the non functional scoop) but like he said at the end of the video, the warranty and package isn't quite worth the price, especially since you're in Corvette territory and it's a much better platform to start with.

If you'll never mod your Mustang but want it modded by a proven name, then maybe this is the car for you. It loses some of the practicality with the rear seats gone (however much a token they are) and I'd rather build mine up myself and learn than have it all done by someone else.
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The RS3 is over priced. It has no KBB presence and is bested by the GT500 in speed.
I consider it to be inferior to the Boss LS that has partially forged internals.
My money is on the Boss 302 and I'd upgrade to the LS version for the extra engine internals and fluid coolers for road course track days.
If you must have a Roush Stage 3 then wait for awhile and take advantage of the dealer rebates at the end of the model year. I got almost $15K off MSRP for my 07 when I bought the last one off the lot in early 08.
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