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Default How Does the New Mustang Compare In Crash Test Ratings?

The IIHS decided to perform full crash testing on the big three muscle cars on sale today, to see how they compared.

Read the rest on the Mustang Forums homepage. >>
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Back in 2005, I saw the aftermath of an accident where a large 4-door town car pulled out in front of a 2005 Mustang GT which ended up t-boning the town car. While the town car was totalled, the Mustang was still drivable. That boosted my confidence since I was at the time waiting for the arrival of my new 2005 Mustang GT which I had ordered just a couple months prior.
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Before I bought my 2015 Mustang - I checked the safety ratings of the cars I was looking at. The Mustang performed the best. This was key in my purchase

It actually did better than a number of trucks out there, I was impressed.
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Certanly the safety and fuel economy are not the first things we thought when we want to buy a muscle car , but at the time to choose between them undoubtelly we should to be aware about the safety in case of crash in that car and at this time this item it's a very important desicion factor, I mean I would not buy a car that I know is not enough safety doesen't matter how fast or how pretty could be and If I should to choose between two cars that I like will do for the safest one 😄
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Default More likely to get into accidents? ! don't think so...

>There's no denying Mustangs are more likely to get into accidents.<
I deny Mustangs are more likely to get into accidents. Yes, driving too fast, taking chances and generally driving like a jerk will increase your chances of accidents. But this is all driver error.

Otherwise, driving a car with superior cornering, braking, and acceleration gives a set of powerful accident evasion tools that other motorists do not possess. I fail to see how these capabilities could possibly increase accidents.

I am not suggesting we should not enjoy our Mustang's performance, but I limit my self to not endangering others, my Mustangs, or myself. I try to avoid provoking road rage, a safety hazard that can sensely involve many drivers.

Unless both my mustangs were mistakenly shipped without the "cause an accident button" I still do not understand why higher accident rates are a foregone conclusion.

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I don't know what everyone is happy about. The A pillar buckled badly. Very poor results. IIHS titled the article that muscle cars fall short on safety. Much better off in a BMW M2, WRX, or Audi S3.
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safety, video

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