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Varekai 06-16-2014 06:03 PM

Looking to get my first Mustang, '14 or '15, help me decide
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Okay so basically I have been wanting a mustang for years now. I just recently leased a turbo veloster. The car is okay, but handling is crap on it. Right afterwards I got a promotion, so I can finally afford to get a GT. Now here's my dilemma: I love the look of the '14, I love the big front end, looks like a real muscle car. I don't much care for the look of 15's front end, it looks to me too much like a fusion/taurus/camaro, and as far as I have seen theres no option on the 15 for the grill lights, which I love. It doesn't have the same muscle look in my opinion. Now what I do like better is the interior, and that it is wider and not as tall. I know the multi link rear suspension is supposed to be a big deal, but is it worth it? Is the 15 really going to be that much better than the 14?
I really am stuck. And another thing is I won't be purchasing until about february when I have a 401k loan available, then I'll have a nice big 10k down payment. By then I don't think I'll be able to order a 14 new, customized. I'm basically loosing sleep because I can't decide. Here's a picture of how I would have either a 14 or a 15 look from the stang customizer site.

shouldhavegottheGT 06-16-2014 10:36 PM

Taking out a 401k to buy a car is one of the dumbest things a person can do. Maybe a house or perhaps some mobsters that are going to break your legs if you don't pay. Other than that use some other source to fund your car. A car is a depreciating asset.

I'd wait out the lease and then buy. Save up a down payment and get the car you can afford. If you need 10k to able to afford the payment then its out of reach.

The other thing I would do is look into used 13s. You can easily pick up a used base for under $18k. If you wait until after the 15s are released they may come down further. Just my two cents.

Varekai 06-17-2014 06:23 AM

Actually, my companies 401k loan is setup so when you take out a loan you pay a 3% interest rate to yourself. I take out loans all the time, as soon as one is paid off I take out another. By taking out these loans all I'm doing is paying a higher loan back to myself.

88 orangepeel notch 06-17-2014 08:05 AM

Welcome, sounds like a nice company perk.

Get the 15, the looks will grow on you.

[email protected] 06-17-2014 08:06 AM

Personally, I would wait until the 15's came out. I would never buy a car I couldn't drive first. Im liking the looks of the 15 a little more and more every day, but that still wouldn't prompt me to buy one without being behind the wheel of it.

Shampue 06-17-2014 09:37 AM

If you're waiting till Feb, you might find dealers trying to cut bait on their 14's and a deal may be had. I just don't like the 15's. The look hasn't grown on me yet.

Varekai 06-17-2014 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Shampue (Post 8399286)
If you're waiting till Feb, you might find dealers trying to cut bait on their 14's and a deal may be had. I just don't like the 15's. The look hasn't grown on me yet.

Thats how I feel on the look. So what I was worried about someone already said, that the 14 is no longer custom orderable, so I can forget that. Now when the redesign came in 2005, I hated it, I loved the small slender models. Then when the next redesign in 2010 came, I hated it and I liked the blockier end of the 2005-2009. So who knows if the 2015 will grow on me, but as of now, I don't like it. Theres a dealer by me that has a new black 2014 GT for 27k, I could go test drive it, but I'm afraid of getting buyer's remorse if I do wind up liking the 15. Plus I've seen so many comments about how much better the 15 is going to be because it will be lighter and the suspension and blah blah.

Stang BB 06-17-2014 09:36 PM

Looks like a rock and a hard place for ya. As mentioned you will find better deals on the 14 but I think you should go for the 15. I'm one of those that initially liked the 15 when I saw it and besides it should deliver more performance. Although I was one that loved the 05 when I saw it so take my opinion for what it's worth. lol

I also bet there will eventually be some after market enhancements for the grille which could include lights maybe.

Anyway welcome to the board.

Varekai 06-17-2014 10:00 PM

Thank you for the input, and thanks!

96t-bird 06-18-2014 08:56 AM

Welcome. Good luck with your search.

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