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engineman 07-31-2014 04:15 AM

2011-2015 V-6 Mustang engine:
I already have my eye on a candy 2015 Mustang, I like the V-6 engine over the four cylinder and the 5.0 liter engines as well. $10,000 dollar difference in the 5.0 liter mill verses the base V-6. Gas mileage, lighter weight, 7000 rpm red line. 3.15 gears standard, 3.55 optional gear set's, independent rear end. It takes a BAMA flash to the computer a 93 octane tune.

3.73 gears, long tube headers cat back exhaust set. Aluminum driveshaft, Stiffer suspension. 19" wheels drag radial slicks and skinny front wheels, a 4000 rpm stall converter Ran a best run 0-60 4.4 seconds and 12.87 ET I think the quarter mile time may not be right but none the less in the high 12's low 13 second runs. That's 5.0 liter territory for sure. Added a turbo and went 11.73 1/4th mile time the speed I do not remember.

Ford engineer says the stock intake system on the closed air filter is as good as it can be. The only thing that may improve performance is a oil soaked air filter. Ford engineer's say they spent thousand's dollars on the dyno to make sure there closed air intake is the best it can be. Facebook shown a video of a 2013 5.0 liter Mustang engine on a dyno.

Trying out an assortment of open element air intake systems, from different sources. To my surprise none came close to the stock air intake that came from the factory. That in my eyes gave proof that Ford indeed test and dyno the intake track system. Oh get this, when they did the comparison there was no K&N air filter available at the time the test was given.

The Ford technician did say that a K&N air filter is being molded to fit the Ford filter housing. They claimed to use a larger K&N filter from another vehicle and trimmed the filter to fit the 5.0 liter intake housing. And said it did improve over the paper filter that comes with stock system. A gain of 3.25 HP gain over the paper element.

Ford says the aluminum air intake do soak up heat and decrease performance. Where the plastic never gets even warm. Plus said the open element air filter gets turbulent hot engine air from being exposed to engine heat. That the stock intake gets cold air funneled through the front of the air snorkel.

This stock system Ford claims, say the air is uniform around the filter and the engine does not have to draw in the air from the open air filter. as does the aluminum aftermarket systems. That the open air systems are for show only, at car shows. Go to MMD and look at that give a way mustang the sick white GT with the turbo charger .

You will notice at the Mustang shows the air filter shown is the open air system. But look again when it's not in open hood show, the stock system is reinstalled after the show is over. They know what Ford has spent making there intake system the best it can be. This was not the case a few years back.

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