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Default Office Pranks

So there are some people here at work that are some up tight smug individuals that need a little jolt in there life. anybody got any sort of office pranks? Not like stupid obvious fill the cubical up with packing peanuts.....Stuff like putting tape over the optical laser on the mouse. or taking a screen shot of there desktop, remove all their icons and then put the screenshot desktop as their desktop, so when they click on the icons nothing happens. **** like that. i know you might have a few red.
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Default RE: Office Pranks

I put all the trash cans in the office in front of one guys desk first thing in the morning and then I told him the janitors did it. then I did it for the next few days... he ****ing hates the janitor here now.
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Default RE: Office Pranks

Put clear silicone grease/lubricant under the chair adjustments in their office then mess their chair up. When they go to adjust it, whamo! Greasy sticky fingers. And silicone based lubricants don't wash off that easily

If they wear head-sets, switch the wires on the headset so they get a dial-tone but the person on the other end can't hear them. (only works with some systems)

Leave all the wires on their computer plugged in, but pull them out just enough so the mouse and keyboard don't work or they lose network connectivity. Dumb ones really fall for it because they see the wires are attached so they don't physically check them.

If you have non-leather seats, soak the cushion of the seat with water so the color is uniform. They will sit down and soak their *****.
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Default RE: Office Pranks

Last week I took a can of brand new cashews. I made a whole in the bottom and put red hot chili powder in the bottom hole of the can. Then I covered the hole in the bottom with a lable so it would look completely untampered with. I offered them to a co-worker and told him that I didn't want them due to a reaction I've been having to peanut products lately. He opened the can, ate them, and spit peanuts all over his goddam cube. Funny part is that for a while he thought he had just encountered some extremely hot peanuts. Eventualy he put two and two together, I just couldn't hold in the laughter anymore
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Default RE: Office Pranks

I work in a bodyshop and we are always doing stuipid crap to eachother too. One of my favorite ones is sliding firecrackers under the restroom door or in the office where the shop owner sits and plays solitare. Locking the new guys in the back of cop cars is another good one, "hey go sit in the back of that cop car and we will take your pic" works everytime!
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Default RE: Office Pranks

We have a department that cleans medical equipment coming back from patients. Personal equipment like commodes and shower chairs we don't take back. We let them keep that stuff. Occasionally when a new guy is hired we'll take a new commode off the shelf and smear some melted chocolate around the seat and inside the bucket. Looks pretty sick when you add some corn, too. We bag it and put in the cleaning room and make sure the new guy gets to it first. Then we make a big deal about guys who bring crap like that. We made one girl vomit when I looked at it really close and licked it.
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Default RE: Office Pranks

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Default RE: Office Pranks

Fill the office toilet with clear gelatin before you leave for the night.
Oh, and make sure you go at home before you head to work.

I turned the narrator on a girls computer, and hid her taskbar.
She had no idea why the computer was talking to her as she typed.
After a couple of hours she ended up calling the tech guy.
He thought it was hilarious.
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Default RE: Office Pranks

tell me more about this narrotor
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Default RE: Office Pranks

When they walk away from their computer while logged on....

Start - All Programs - Accessories - Accessibility - Narrator

Turn it on and a computerized male voice calls out all key strokes, file names, etc.

If they type fast it takes awhile for the voice to catch up so they don't catch on quickly to what's going on, it's calling out stuff they've already completed.
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