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Real men drive stangs

Old 01-24-2008, 11:39 PM
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

ORIGINAL: 06Saleen3V


I think a man in a nice Mustang is super HOT!!

The only thing better? If he teaches her how to drive with his car.....or better yet, gets her one so they have "his and hers"!!!!

Good to know
It's true. No woman can deny a man's attractiveness and "umph" factor multiplies when he drives a well-taken care of Mustang. It symbolizes he is fun, sporty, racy.....but still has a manly, muscular feel toit.

And what's even more awesome is when he really changes his car to make it unique, more his own. Then he impresses her even more by letting her drive it!!! I really hate it when a man boasts that his woman "isn't allowed to touch his car". That is a huge turn-off. A real man lets her grind the gears, if that's what it takes, to show her how important she is!! (Yes, I know.....I can just see the men cringe!)
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

You can drive my car
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

I like my stang but if I had the money to upgrade in a year or two I might want to get an Audi a6 and if I'm makin some really good money an A8 or a vette z06 the list goes on and on. just be happy with what you have got. I know that I am.

jason from ghost hunters I was thinkin more like Brian the equipment manager from GHinternational
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

whaddya know, another S197 thread!
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs


ORIGINAL: mynameismike65


I think a REAL man can drive any car and still feel masculine. If a man NEEDS a muscle car to feel masculine, then they are probably lacking in a department or a little fruity.

Typical answer. I get so tired of people saying "well if your into mustangs/performance cars then you have a small dick" You cant deny the fact that your car is a statement of your personality....I'm 6 foot tall and lift weights everyday and have a strong personality....I want a car that displays that aspect of myself....not a high priced BMW/Porsche that screams midlife crisis and I have E.D. I'm young and I love Mustangs. You also cant say a real man can drive anything....if you pulled upto a group of girls in a VW Beetle you would feel gay. End of story.
I actually missed this post and its very true. What gives with that mentality? I will admit I wanted the Mustang partially because of my hobby of bodybuilding. Trust me I used to drive Festivas (and barely fit in them) and that was no fun, and definetly lacked masculinity. [8D]

People will, and do say anything to get under your skin.


Do real men post off topic?
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

Because Mustangs and luxury cars have nothing in common...
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

wow noting compares to amarican muscle in my book ive drove a few of them cars when i was stationed in bramberg germany theres nothing really exciting about them but the autobahn and i we had one of thoughes in the us no one would be interested in the european maket in my oppinion . And the cars aint that girly every one has there preferance i have a 99 bmw 323ic in the drive way that i bought in germany but the mustang will always have my heart and as soon as mine is finished the wife gets the bmw
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

ORIGINAL: ShadowWulf

Because Mustangs and luxury cars have nothing in common...
Because this is definetly a Mustang[&:].............
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

ever heard the saying,

"only little girls play with ponies"

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is my username.
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Default RE: Real men drive stangs

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