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david01130 11-05-2009 10:49 PM

Saleen owner #476 is a *******!
A few months ago I was scammed out of $350 from saleen owner #476 who was suppose to sell me his HID headlights but took the money and ran. It was partially my fault for being ignorant the whole time since I have never really been scammed like that before. I never got the guys phone number, address, or anything really. I have his email and know where his dad works. Its a long story but after speaking to his father I have come to realize where this guy gets his stupidity from... Anyways I originally found this guy when he was selling his car on craigslist. He posted it up again in the sacramento ads. Is there a way I can get any more info from this guy by his bumper number or any other way? Yea $350 isnt the end of the world but if you read the emails I got back and forth from him and the phone calls between me and him and me and his father (number was blocked) it almost makes it personal.

Here is the ad:

Notice he avoids posting his number and looks like people have flagged his ads before.

S281 E 11-06-2009 07:44 AM

You could try contacting him through a different email and see if you can get him to give you any more info or meet him up somewhere.

roush 427R 11-06-2009 08:16 AM

Looks like his ad got flagged again.....good luck, I hate scumbags!!

david01130 11-06-2009 11:28 AM

yea it seems to get flagged everyday but he just reposts it.

I tried contacting him through a different email and he wont give out any of his information but would like to meet up somewhere instead of at his house. If I was closer to Sacramento I would do that.

esanger 11-06-2009 03:47 PM

I got screwed once on a long distance craigslist deal. Luckily it was only for $20. I feel for ya man.

ChalknCover 11-06-2009 04:02 PM

Say he is asking $10k for it, say this:

Hi, I noticed you are selling your Saleen for $10,000, look I am prepared to offer you $11,000 cash right now for that car. I need it like a fat kid needs cake. My son is graduating this December summa cum laude from *insert local college here* and all he wants is a Saleen and I want to buy him one for his graduation present. These cars are all he talks about and I really want to give him something nice for all his hard work and a nice car to start his career. Naturally, time is of the essence, so please get back to me with your contact info. Thanks. Here is my email [email protected]

Oh, and naturally, add in that you need his address so you can bring your trailer to take it home, hopefully he is that stupid. The additional risk you run other than him smelling the bs is that he has no intention of actually selling it and therefore won't like the fact it is a cash F2F transaction.

If that doesn't grab his attention, nothing will. He might smell it, but it can't hurt. Also, use a new email for it in case he recognizes it or it comes up in his address book.

2011Black5.0 11-06-2009 04:31 PM

great idea blue, i think he would fall for that lol

2011Black5.0 11-06-2009 04:36 PM

heres the newest ad lol

06Saleen3V 11-06-2009 07:57 PM

lets go find him dave, ill bring my samurai sword

ChiDiddy 11-07-2009 01:39 AM

Dave, are you in close to him? If so why not do what i did when i was scammed on Craigslist.

I was selling my iphone locally and some kid wanted to pay with paypal cuz he didint have cash so he wanted to use his credit card. Thinking paypal was safe, i agreed and he paid me on the spot where i met him using his phone and internet. I gave him the phone and later that night, paypal informs me that the payment was retracted because the real owner of the credit card reported it stolen..... So i was PISSED and took me a week to find him(he later tries to sell my phone, other phones, and ps3s etc and i pretendded to be a buyer to meet him up. And so we met up again........ several illegal things happen and in the end, turns out kid was a big time scammer with this paypal crap and a crybaby. I got my belongings back + his belongings :) im a bad man. :D Bring buddies. It always makes things easier.

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