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is my username.
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Originally Posted by akiba17 View Post
Awww but I don't like ice cream.
......the ****?
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I'm lactose intolerant and my car is still parked for the winter, this game is raciest
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100.) Your car near the local High School sign (at night..preferrably a newer digital sign) [MustangFTW]
101.) Your car with a lifter(the engine kind) placed on the hood [MustangFTW ]
102.) Your car in horrible weather (rainstorm, snow storm, dust storm etc. )[Akiba17]
103.) Your car next to a Christmas light set up. [3.0Taurass]
104.) Your car next to a drive in move theater. [The Stig]
105.) Your car with a building over 100 years old. [Rmodel65]
106.) Your car in front of a cannon(shooting kind not a camera) [SKAR]
107.) Your car with a real Silver Hyundai Accent. [Akiba17]
108.) Your car partially under a full size 18 wheeler trailer bonus if your whole car fits under. [The Stig]
109.) Your car at a real race track. (not the gas station) [The Stig]
110.) Your car on a cobblestone road. [The Stig]
111.) Your car with a real living dog. [TorinoCobra070]
112.) You car in front of some school buses (that that is plural. at least 2).[Akiba17]
113.) Your car in front of a roll of hay. [The Stig]
114.) Your car in front of a Chevrolet dealership with a Corvette. [The Stig]
115.) Your car in front of a large body of water.[Rmodel65]
115.) Your car in front of a state or province(for the canooks eh) park sign[The Stig]
116.) Your car in front of a Baseball field. [Akiba17]
117.) Your car at a strip club. [Rmodel65]
118.) Your car in front of a Ron Paul sign. [The Stig]
119.) Your car at a Chinese restaurant.[Meester_Vapor]
120.) Your car wearing a hat [rmodel65]
121.) Your car in front of a post office [Tanner05]
122.) Your car with a can of coke [99GTvert]
123.) Your car at a major sports arena of the following: basketball, football, baseball, or hockey.[MustangFTW]
124.) Your car with a banana in the muffler, in a parking lot. during the day.[MegaWatz]
125.) Your car next to a VW Beetle (any year). [99GTvert]
126.) Your car in your car. [99GTvert]
127.) Your car parked in a freshly paved parking lot. [Rmodel65]
128.) Your car with a pet dog/cat inside.[Rmodel65]
129.) Your car with a jar of mayonnaise on the trunk lid. [Rmodel65]
130.) Your car with a Christmas ornament/wreath on the hood [07BLACKGT]
131.) Your car next to your [a] guitar. [NYstang]
132.) Your car with an ice cream cone {themoparman87}
133.) Your car during a car wash, bonus points for having a chick in pic washing it.
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