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Old 12-21-2010, 08:48 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by SKAR View Post
your transmission has screws?

and they were missing?

Sorry, im new to cars, that just strikes me as odd...
This is nuts!
I would have bolted!
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Old 12-21-2010, 08:55 PM   #22
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I agree that is nuts, you should have said screw this and left.
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Old 12-21-2010, 09:31 PM   #23
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a girl i know tried to do that but they cotter. OP you should definitely pin this hack job on them.
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Old 12-22-2010, 12:46 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by SKAR View Post
your transmission has screws?

and they were missing?

Sorry, im new to cars, that just strikes me as odd...
Screws, bolts, same idea. I was frustrated when writing that and made a simple mistake, you don't have to act clueless.

Originally Posted by Mishri View Post
I like the line, cheap 5w30 oil.. then just above it the royal purple..

looks like they did some work on your clutch and shifter and shif tboot n such.. exhaust work, added thermostat, electric water pump, problems with the belt because you switched to an electric water pump with a KB so it's an unusual size they had to figure it out..

I must have hit some keys wrong because I came up with a total of 7226.67 - 1570 equals you owed them 5656.67

installing all of the wiring for all of those gauges isn't cheap.. the GT500 fuel pumps + fuel injectors set you back a good amount. they did rape you on the cost of the mid pipe though.. 339? those should be aorund $100 (for off-road).. it probably has cats though since most shops can't install a catless midpipe.. so.. just a waste of money anyway, but priced correctly.

i dunno looks legit to me.. engine bay is alright for a shop job.. you want some custom hidden wire job or what? have some before pics of what it looked like right before you gave it to them?

Looks like the only problem that Might be real is the tune.. which happens frequently.. especially if they were tuning it for a bit of N2o.. plus 11psi plus your headers and new injectors.. can be rough.. could try to get it tuned somewhere else and ask them to take the tuning charges off (550)

I agree with modular depot's assessment that your fuel system was incomplete for what you were wanting to do.. the fuel pumpers and bigger injectors were what you needed.

oh guess it what happened one time.. i went to drive my car after having someone switch out my drag radials and i stopped and checked the lugs and 1 on both wheels had been missed, could be hand removed.. omg.. i was freaking out.. omg. not really.. it happens. big whoop.. get pissed when they forget to put the lugs on or tighten any of them down.

and the radiator cover was causing your heat issues, they were doing you a favor.

oh looks like they also did suspension + an alignment..
Geez, are you the Modular Depot groupie to be sticking up for them so much?

Yes, they had to figure out the belt size, that is their job, to install everything.

The balance due on their system was wrong, and yes, you must have hit some keys wrong cause that is the wrong total.

And yes, it is a catless mid pipe, don't make assumptions without knowing the facts. It is a Bassani off road x-pipe to go with their long tube headers.

And when they do work like this:

and charge me that much, then yes, I expect a clean looking engine bay. Why do I get singled out?

And the tune they had did not even use the nitrous, the nitrous system was not even completely hooked up! They were working on tuning the car for about a month, they had plenty of time to figure out what was wrong. I got lots of run arounds and first needed the mafia because the car was 'tuned out', then I needed the thermostat because it was getting hot. Notice how those items are towards the end of the invoice? That's because those were added while trying to get it tuned right. In the end, they got it as close as they could to pass it off as a decent tune.

And bigger fuel injectors were already in the picture. Lethals fuel system was basically a GT500 system on steroids, so I don't know why you think their 'assessment' was accurate.

Yet, you say I must not know what I'm doing and need to trust the professionals, yet you are the one having SOMEONE ELSE switch out your drag radials? Nuff said.

I never even got my radiator cover back. Seems to me they misplaced it and just try to pass it off.

There was no suspension work done to the car.

Originally Posted by Mishri View Post
You had gauges installed.. didnt you get an wideband A/F gauge and a boost gauge installed? you can see whats going on with those.... they dont have to be on the dyno sheet...
The A/F gauge on a dyno is much more accurate then the one in my car, wideband or not. I wanted to see the specs it was showing during THEIR dyno session WHILE it was being tuned, not afterwards as I was driving it.

You try to act like you know what you are talking about, but it doesn't seem like you know much. I did my research, so don't try and step on my toes and think I don't know my stuff.
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Old 12-22-2010, 05:58 AM   #25
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Guys. Guys. Guys The op did his research. Should of tuned the car yourself.....
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Old 12-22-2010, 08:59 PM   #26
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Mishri is just a queer.

More power to you OP.
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Old 12-22-2010, 09:38 PM   #27
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Hey, OP.

Serious question.

With hindsight being 20/20 and all, what would you do now, given it to do all over again?


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Old 12-23-2010, 05:33 AM   #28
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If we had an armed society this wouldn't have happened.
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Old 12-23-2010, 12:16 PM   #29
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what pic is that of? looks like the polished whipple.. not the KB that is in your engine bay.. i asked for before and after pics so we can see how badly they did.. for all we know it looked like *** when you brought it to them.. you expect them to fix a screwed up engine bay? i didn't see the labor charge for re-running existsing lines.

btw... depending on how they do their AFR reading and your gauge install it could be(and likely is) exactly the same as what you have on your gauge..

I know that many people go online and bitch about stuff w/o working out with the company, w/o telling both sides, and we are just supposed to assume that you are right, that modular depot sucks when 1000s of other customers have had a great experience? obviously something is missing here.

did you post this on their forum too?


if you read their notes from the drop off it says that that tire was flat and you had tons of body damage to it and you had a **** load of work done.. entire new driveline.. engine, transmision, driveshaft, fuel system, nitrous, suspension, tune, new radiator, cutouts, slave cylinder, 5 gauges installed.. ricers alwyas need more gauges.. sounds like your car was a pile of **** when you brought it to them. $5k for all that work is probably cheaper than other shops would have charged. sounds like you drove the **** out of yoru car, screwed it up.. had them try to fix all of it. did you cut a portion of your invoice? i added again and it still isn't coming up to 8k.. modular depot probably does it the way most shops do it, charge you for the average install time for each item by the book, not how long it actually took.. that is very common practice.

anyway.. looks like you said modular depot said they'll fix your complaints.. which are.. tune and wiring? no biggie.. whining to everyone about a couple little things isntead of working it out with the shop first is another reason i'm like.. pffftt who cares what this joker has to say... we don't even have any video proof of how poorly his car ran..

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Old 12-23-2010, 12:48 PM   #30
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Depending on who's o/r midpipe you buy it may be more than $100-110 for it. The pypes one is cheap but Kooks will charge you a lot more than they do. It might be a better pipe though. The pypes needs a clamp to hold together.

Regardless of how the car showed up that wiring job is ****-poor. My install doesn't look the greatest but still blows that work right out of the water.

And the labor charges on some of that crap... wow.

PS Mishri: The OP's pic on the first page. Look at the wire on the rear against the firewall with no loom around it. That was MD that screwed that up brother. Part of the KB install is to relocate that wire. They did the relocation part but they didn't even bother putting loom around it when they were finished. Very, very crappy job.

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