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Default Shelty's Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money review...

ok, so today the 1st expansion on the newest game in the fallout series has been released, having been a huge fan of the fallout series since i learned of fallout 3 a few years back had to download it.

like always the expansion costs 800 points, or about 10 bucks, and after about 2 hrs of game-play so far, that I've experienced, I can say its worth it.

set in the mysterious Sierra Madre hotel, lured there by a strange radio signal announcing the opening of a new hotel casino, only to be trapped upon finding the radio source. forced by a cruel possibly insane man, who enslaved you with an explosive collar, you and your team must break into the sierra madre and uncover its treasure... but be wary, the sierra madre is enveloped in darkness known only as the cloud, where if you are dragged into it by the deadly and unstoppable ghost people... there is no turning back. additionally, your teammates demise also marks your own doom.

new weapons/armor have been introduced, such as the police pisol (a .357 revolver) the cosmic knife (reminiscent of those knives you see people selling on TV all the time) a knife spear (both of the melee and thrown variety) and the ever bad-*** Assassin suit.

level cap increased to 35.

interesting new companions, such as the pre war actor turned ghoul with a dry british wit, a mute chick and a schizo super-mutant, each of whom you must gain their trust.

game-play remains about the same as usual, only for those like myself who are playing in hardcore mode, a new challenge arises... the air in the sierra madre is toxic, slowly chipping at your health until your near death... some areas are highly toxic, marking death rather quickly... worst part, there is no way to prevent it... no perks nor apparel that i have discovered so far stops it from happening. Ghost people are a dangerous threat, shooting them till they fall down is only the beginning, only way to know for sure that they wont get back up to poke holes in you is to make sure they dont have a face to look upon you with anymore.

overall i am finding this new expansion to be a challenge. traps are set nearly everywhere from tripwires to mines to rigged shotguns, which can be frustrating to those who dont have the Light Step perk. and like mother-ship zeta, operation anchorage and the pitt, you cannot leave until you finish the quest-line. I have only completed the first quest in the storyline so i don't know where it will head, but i can say if your a fan of new vegas to pick this up

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OH ****! I didn't know some dlc was out...haven't played it much since I got Black Ops and Brotherhood. **** YEAH!
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