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Default SPEC horror story

Since I am back in the Forum life, I figure I should give y'all a heads up about a situation that occurred about a month ago.

I graduated with my masters in June and not having a job yet drove all the way back to Colorado, only to get a call the day after I got back saying I had a job in Nashville. The company needed 3-4 weeks to process paperwork, background check, etc. so I got a free month long vacation with my fam. My Dad and I set out on a road trip to TN on a Wednesday with the intention to arrive in Nashville Friday and start work Monday.

Everything is smooth to start the road trip- with the exception of a tiny burning smell that I attributed to having the car newly detailed and the idiots spraying some kind of protectant into the engine bay. Little did I know the truth. At the start of what was supposed to be the 2nd day of the trip, KC to St. Louis (Thursday), the clutch went out while getting onto the freeway. Mind you, the car at this point had 44500 miles. No clue what happened there. But we took it to Brian Hall at Metro Ford in Independence- shout out to the man and the dealership, both are positive studs. Brian bent over backwards to get the car in when every other dealership was saying they couldnt even look at it for a week. Anyways, Brian's tranny guy- one of the best in KC- took one look and said yep you need a new clutch. Ford parts couldnt get a OEM part for 4 days. I had to start a new job in 3. I remembered the glorious customer service AM used to have- figured hey, its a chance to mod- how about a SPEC stage 2 from my old buddies at AM? Called them, made sure they knew it was a do or die situation, and they got it shipped within the hour. Arrived the next day. 4 hours later, get a call from Brian telling me the flywheel won't fit. So in a panic my dad and I take the rental back to the dealer and sure enough there is a 50/1000 difference between the interior diameter of the stock vs SPEC flywheel, with the SPEC being too small. Yes, we were careful to check date of manufacture before ordering.

What ensued was a royal cluster**** of a Friday afternoon. We called SPEC, and after reading the number engraved on the wheel they told us it was the right part and should fit. We put the SPEC tech rep on speaker with our mechanic, and the SPEC rep offered 0 help. His attitude was it wasn't his problem, and kept insisting the part should fit, and told the mechanic to beat the aluminum flywheel onto the crankshaft with a sledgehammer. To his credit, the mechanic was smart enough to say not no but hell no and told the SPEC tech guy if that was how he wanted to install it he could come and do it himself and assume all liability for the part and crank.

We then called AM thinking hey, these guys have the best customer service around, right? Wrong. They took no responsibility. Given, it was a SPEC problem, but they wouldn't make it right. What ground our gears was that Brian- the service manager- told me that if AM would ship it overnight he and his tech would put it in on Saturday and have me on the road by 2 PM. We asked AM to overnight a new flywheel and reminded them that we had made this clear we needed the right part the first time. They utterly refused. Would not ship the new flywheel until the old one was received, and wouldn't pay for anything other than ground shipping. Would have taken ~8-10 days we didn't have- its Friday and I am supposed to start an awesome job Monday. Keep in mind, we paid $180 to get the right part in a day. We told them if they couldn't overnight another flywheel we would have to return the whole assembly- clutch, fly, and slave- and then to add insult to injury they refused to refund any of the substantial shipping costs we had incurred. Oh yeah- and my Dad missed his flight from Nashville back to Denver because of all of this, and had to pay full fare for a flight from KC. Would have made his plane fine had a functioning part been in the box.

The story does have a happy ending though. Brian- God bless that man- was able to find a Napa clutch in a nearby town and had it brought in and installed Saturday morning. I was on the road at 12 noon and made it to Nashville that evening. Can't say enough about how awesome Brian and Metro Ford were.

Sufficed to say, I learned my lesson about SPEC clutches and AM. I will never buy another SPEC part as I have 0 faith whatsoever in their quality control. And I take back all the nice things I ever said about AM- If anyone else has another vendor they'd like to recommend, I am looking for someone to buy parts from for the new GT I am planning to get in a few days.

EDIT 7/24/14 9:30PM CT: Title has been changed since AM bent over backwards to make this right. Kudos to them for coming through on service even after I went on that rant. Well done, AM. My faith is restored.

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I know there must be people out there who have had good experiences with Spec but I have read nothing but crap about them over the years. Sorry you had such a hassle. Broken down on a road trip is never a good thing.
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That sucks, however a bit of research would have yielded quite a few unfavorable reviews on the Spec clutch.
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Sorry to hear about your problems. I have to agree with Akiba though, a 10 second stint on google will tell you all you need to know about Spec. I have yet to meet anyone who bought a clutch from them and did not have problems.

As for AM....they shipped you the right part the first time, it was just the normal crappy SPEC product, and they did ship overnight. I don't think any other company would have done this. When it comes to refunding shipping are almost ALWAYS out shipping costs, unless the wrong product was shipped, which in your case it was not.

Totally understand the frustration, but sometimes Sh#t happens.
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I'm really sorry to hear about this experience. It sounds like you had one hell of a time getting your clutch situation handled.

I'm also sorry to hear that you feel so strongly about us now after this. However, the clutch not fitting properly is a tough call. Obviously we didn't manufacturer the product and we did ship the correct product. It sounds like there was just some quality/fitment issues with Spec. I'll make sure all of this feedback is relayed to them so they can work on this fitment issue. This is honestly the first time we're hearing about it.

The reason our Customer Service team declined the request for a refund on the overnight shipping is because the product that you order was overnight shipped to your door and arrived on time. The fact that the flywheel had fitment issues puts us in a tough spot here. However, Customer satisfaction and support is our #1 goal and we'll always do whatever we can to make sure you're in good shape. We also stand by our products and all of our vendors products so we won't leave you hanging.

I'm going to credit you back the shipping and we'll pay for that for you. I hope this helps you understand how important your business is to us! Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Most importantly, congratulations on your new job and graduation! That's very exciting. Best of luck on your new career path!

Shoot me a PM with the order number included and I'll make sure this is taken care of, quickly. We do appreciate your patience while we get this handled.

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Mr Graystang
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^^ and thats why I love AM.
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Now THAT is pretty Bad-Azz. AM FTW!
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Myself; I have some animosity for AM and I was put off by the lack of response to fix the problem, or just even acknowledge the issue.

I bought a shift **** they advertised to fit my 2014 GT, it did not fit the 2014 GT, and it destroyed the threads on the shifter. I had to replace the shifter (I bought an SR Performance shifter from AM because of the price point). I was provided an email address from someone higher up the chain of command over at AM, and emailed them twice about my situation. I ended up not hearing back from them AT ALL, and I ate the cost of having to replace my shifter (all though when the situation initially happened, they refunded the cost of the shift ****, but that didn't fix the problem).

It's left me a little wary of them, even though I obviously am still using them (the price plus shipping is just right). It makes me a little hesitant to order the wheels I've been looking at. If something goes wrong with that, after how they handled the messed up shifter situation, how would they handle an issue with one of their products that is more expensive?!
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is my username.
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..still an AM horror story, OP?
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I have some 17x10 DD bullitts on the way. I am well aware of the issue with the anthracite not matching OEM rims. If it is something I can live with...Great! If not, I just get to order a couple of 17x9s

I have never had an issue with them. Customer service has always been excellent and I have been happy with all their products.
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