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Default Anyone here road race now or before?

hello everyone id like to know if there any racers that have competition in nasa scca or any other organizations. I'm in California and have been wanting to race for a long time . The first time i really blew off the money i planned to go to racing school with now i'm now getting older and want to give it a shot but before i do i'd like to know if there is money in it ?
I know many say is expensive and all yet i thought somewhere there would be a gain from it all.

j taken a look at some stock car circle track racing and not really having the best of luck getting the information im looking for in road racing . all i get is go to school get you licence.

id really like to get started in racing and have spoken to tutors before but it all ends with getting a licence , no information on how it would generate funds .I'm speaking besides all the sponsorship's if there is anything or a way that the events have place prizes,from 1st which usually gets the cash down to the last place.

Anyone with information,experience and could help
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You'll find that 99.99% of road racing is going to be for fun...not money. You'll need to enter a full on series and win to make any kind of money back.
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thanks looks like im trying the best i can to get my lic 1st . no one wants a driver is the hard thing to believe let alone a new driver
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lol this is funny
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Originally Posted by 09blkgtcal View Post
lol this is funny
How so?
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Like one guy said before, there just isn't much money to be won in road racing... especially at the amateur level (SCCA, Nasa, NARRA, etc.) I've been racing with Nasa since 2011 and the only contingencies that have benefitted me was Hoosier Tires and Hawk Brakes. But that's only if you win 1st or 2nd in your class and if there's enough entries in the class too. Certainly not even enough to break even on a weekend after you spend on entry fee, racing fuel, towing fuel, brake pads, fluids, tires, etc.

I knew all that going in and also, I found it very hard to find ANY sponsorship. Unless you live close to one of the tracks you want to race at, it will be difficult to pick up any. There just isn't much exposure for businesses to see the benefit of that.

That's part of the reason I'm selling my vette to go into dirt late model racing. Lots of local tracks near me (East TN), possibly sponsorships, less traveling, and money. Some events that I'll be running this year pays anywhere from $600 to $2,000 to win. Still isn't much, but better than any road racing program I've seen.
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If you want money, go practice drag racing and win some bracket races...otherwise do the road racing just for fun.
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New to forum and was poking around looking for Road Race stuff and happened on this one. Sorry for the old thread resurrection, but coming from a motorcycle road race background we are fond of saying;
"If you want to make a small fortune racing........start with a big one."
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