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Default Need tips/all out help

im building a high hp car mostly road driving but also drag i know nothing about suspension what would i need to do suspension wise to handle 700-800 hp
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7-800 hp? Mostly road driving? Occasional drag? First off I'd get a one piece driveshaft, stocker 2 piece is weak and has been known to break. Aftermarket LCA's, would recommend the ones with polyurethane on one end and a spherical bearing on the other. You can lower it if you want, but if you're happy with the current stance, the stock springs are softer so that will help with your launch at the strip. Get a set of adjustable shocks/struts so you can stiffen them up a little for the road, and then soften them for the strip. Then of course get a good set of rear tires/drag radials. I'm not an expert on drag suspensions, but I think what I've just given you should serve you well.
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Plan on doing several things, one at a time as you find out what needs "fixing".

LCAs with stiffer bushings or spherical are pretty much given. At your power level, probably the upper as well, and I'd be looking at tubular pieces.

Whether you lower the car or not, I think you'll also end up with LCA relocating brackets. Particularly if you do NOT lower the car, consider swapping the holes you put the LCAs in depending on whether you're drag-racing or street driving. Without knowing anything else about your combination with respect to tires and front suspension, your drag setup could end up being a little too "loose" for street driving. Loosening/retightening two bolts won't take much time after you've done it a few times and have the process down cold.

Consider adjustable shocks. I don't know what's available specifically for drag racing, but you'll probably want to be able to back off the rebound damping up front (so it'll rise a little easier) and tweak at least the bump damping out back (I think that'll affect how hard whatever rear squat effect is left after LCA relo, hits the tires).

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Thx for the input ya it'll by no means be a DD but ill want to drive it to the track and shows and stuff
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