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Track day fever got me


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Default Track day fever got me

Ok, I've been officially bitten by the track day bug. I'm getting rid of the staggered setup and going square with this setup:

Decided on 19's for when I save enough for a BBK

The part I'm not sure about is the suspension. I'm tempted by this but it's a lot of money:

For brakes i'm saving for these:

Right now I'm running H&R springs with Koni STR.T shocks and front adjustable camber plates, whiteline relocation brackets and J&M control arms with an adjustable upper, tire setup is 255/45r18 at the front and 275/40r18 at the rear with nito nt555. I upgraded the brakes to the 2012 GT fronts with EBC redstuff pads. Also installed a new water pump and aluminum radiator. Rear end has 3:73 gears with stock limited slip diff.

The car under-steers badly and the snaps over-steer although I've only spun it once. As my times go down the weaknesses start to show. Both mine and the car's. I'm going to Bondurant or Barber this year to address my issues but I'd like the car to behave properly for when I come back.

So I'd appreciate any suggestions on better/cheaper alternatives. I'm on a budget so I can't splurge for top of the line stuff plus car is my daily driver. All I do for the track is put race gas on it :-p
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If you are going to be at the track often, and are on a budget, I'd go in a bit of a different direction here;

1. Get some 18x9.5 or wider 18" wheels. I run 18x9.5" GT500 wheels with 275/40/18 tires. A person can go a bit wider on both wheels and tires with no issues, too. 18" tires are generally cheaper and more readily available.

2. Since I've got you on 18s, just get the 4-pot Brembos instead of the 6-pot ones. The 'Normal' Brembos fit under most wide 18" wheels, and have proven to be effective for the vast majority of track day folks.

2A. Get brake cooling of some sort. Regardless of which BBK, you'll eventually need brake cooling if you are tracking the car often.

3. On suspension, get your square setup with good tires, hone your skills a bit (Bondurant is great, btw), and then see what you need from there. I can't speak to the Cortex package, but when using the phrase "I'm on a budget", it doesn't seem like a $4k suspension is what you are looking for. Based on these forums, in case you hadn't yet noticed, it seems like the smart/easy path is to talk directly with Sam Strano or the Vorshlag people. Tell them what you've got and where you want to get to and they'll tailor a new setup that makes sense for a given budget or work with what you've got to get your chassis to a happy place.
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Thanks for the suggestions,

I already modded some dust shields to accommodate 3"brake cooling hose, I'm working on the inlets now.

The 18"wheels are a good suggestion, I jut picked the 19's because they price is really good on that package, but looking at the 4 pot brembos the 18's seem like a better option.

I know the Cortex is way expensive but every time I try to build a suspension setup using mix and match parts I always end up close to that anyway.

The problem I have is that being outside the US limits my choice of stores a lot. Most don't want to deal with foreign customers. American Muscle being a prime example. I'll give Sam a call and see how it goes. I've looked at Vorshlag but they are not far off Cortex.

As far as the tires are concerned, are the NT-05's streetable?

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The Cortex setup is sweet. You could save money going with a less expensive brand like UPR Products, and use sphericals for no bind... but race setups like this have a lot of NVH.

Wheels and tires are critical. If you're serious about track days, go as wide as you can tolerate, and afford. I'd consider 10" square a minimum. Some people go 11" square. I'm 10" square on a my 2011, and getting ready to move to 20x11R & 20x10F.
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Old 11-28-2014, 12:08 PM
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Hey man, you might want to think about going "big" if you're set on doing track days often. It will save you money down the road by not having to upgrade all the time. I'm not talking about a full-bore setup if you're not competing, though. Believe me, it will save you dolares in the long run....more money for more track days. My best advice on strategy and the big picture.
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Call me. This is right in my wheelhouse. You'll find lots of video's of both autocrossing and track days in various cars I've had (or have) from Mustangs to Corvettes and Scion's.

I don't reinvent the wheel. I think the Cortex stuff is huge overkill, and we can put together a kit that's more budget friendly but a lot of fun and driveable every single day.

I picked up Forgestar wheels because a set of 18x10's can be had for $1400 a set in any offset you desire (or you can go bigger but 11's are a pain). I've got lots of shock and spring options, coil-overs too ranging from not much over $1k for sets with adjustable damping to $6k+ setups like triple MCS's. I make my own sway bars, but also sell/carry Eibach, H&R, Steeda, Hotchkis, even Whiteline. I don't like to box folks in, but I kind of build my stuff to suit the kind of driving I do. Of all those other options some are good but cost more, some aren't so good... and still cost more.

Anyway, if you want to some help feel free to call me. This is what I do. Anyone can sell parts, and on that front I've got more variety of brands than most could offer. Sadly I can't get them all online as I'm too busy doing this and talking to folks (and packing boxes and everything else that being self-employed entails), but suffice to say most anything you see a big place like Summit having, I have too.... and MORE. Plus I've got a background in making these things turn, and winning Championships to back that up.
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