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Default NADA Saleen Values

I know this will start a windfall of responses but I thought it was both interesting and promising. Seems the newer cars aren't depreciating quite as hard as well all think. I know they are selling for less on ebay, but using Nada as a pretty accurate barometer, I would not sell my car (IF I was selling - and I'm NOT mind you) for less than HIGH RETAIL since it is virtually still brand new with only 3100 miles.

IMO a $3k hit is not that much!
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Default RE: NADA Saleen Values

Sowaxeman, as you know, NADA is merely a barometer/guide. Market value in truth is what the market is willing to pay (also not news to you). Keep in mind, I own #52 vs. your #92, same year, both n/a. Last August, bought her with 1800 miles on the odo -- and she was only used as a show car -- for $33k. Time of year, desperation of seller/buyer, emotional attachment, location, etc. (and a little magic) all play a part.
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Default RE: NADA Saleen Values

I tried to get the value of my 2006 sc 281 rag top and got nothing but msrp?????
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Default RE: NADA Saleen Values

I'm not totally sure.....but isn't NADA strictly what a dealership would ask for a used car in a variety of conditions? Looking at KBB and NADA got me a bit confusedregardingwhat I shouldtolerate price-wise when I sold my Cobra (since you canspecifyprivate seller through KBB).

On the flip side, you've obviously been keeping an eye on this value from one source over time and watched it trend in the right direction.......translation, good news for Saleen owners [8D]
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Default RE: NADA Saleen Values

I wish it were true. However, in 12/06, when I traded my S281 3V, in perfect condition, with 1800 miles, I found out that used Saleens have a fair market value very close to a comparable Mustang GT.
Since " brand new " Mustang GT's, and used ones,are not selling very well, the Saleen trend is "down"; not "up".
I buy, and sell, a lot of cars, and I find eBay to be a very helpful gauge of true fair market value.
In the resale market, a Saleen is like a " conversion package " vehicle. Only the original buyer pays a premium price.
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Default RE: NADA Saleen Values

Most dealerships used the "Black Book" when determining a trade-in value. These prices (updated monthly) are combined from autoauctions across the country to get an average WHOLESALE value. To a dealer/whosaler a Saleen is no more valuable than a Mustang GT, as a matter of fact, there is NO Saleen lising in the Black Book. While in the autoauction business I saw several Saleens come thrpough our auction and NONE ever sold.

The NADA book is most commonly used by lending institutions to determine the RETAIL valueof a vehicle to protect the loan in case of default/repo. These values are updated bi-monthly.

I looked upthe NADA value of my '85 T-top Saleen and it showed a high retail ofa little less than $10K...the only option/question the NADA seach ask was T-top or sunroof, it doesn't account for the real details, As many calls as I get asking if I would sell I think I could sell it quickly for that amount. It's insured for a stated amount of $15K considering I can't replace it.

Doesn't matter what any book says a car is worth, its how bada buyerwants it and what he would give to own it.
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Default RE: NADA Saleen Values

I've seen the same thing happen with Dodge Vipers. I was about to buy one and pricing RT-10's over the course of a few years. The market value waxed and waned, yet one thing remained consistent - nobody really gave much credence to what the KBB or NADA said.

Yet, if one really needs to look somewhere, I guess this is as good a sign as the price of tea in China.

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