Saleen, Roush and Boss Mustangs Discussions on Saleen, Roush, and late model Shinoda Boss Models within. SVT models, check the 4.6L section.

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Default Section Rules - PLEASE READ HERE FIRST!

OK, since this section has become one of the best known forums out there for Saleen & Roush owners/enthusiasts - and I am charged with keeping things in order -I figure its time to post some simple rules. I don't like to play hard a$$, so please keep things in order and I won't have to moderate

1) - This is the SALEEN/ROUSH/BOSS (and even though the title doesn't say it - other SPECIALTY STANGS are, Steeda, etc..) Please post only topics related to these cars. Even though we are tight knit group of like minded folks, please DO NOT start OFF TOPIC threads in here...take them to the OT section should you care to venture over there. It can be a scary place, but there a lot of pretty cool folks over there too

2) - PLEASE read the "Sticky Threads"before posting questions about authenticity and value and other stickied topics. Authenticity of Saleens can be verified very easily if you just read the sticky post, as well as using for value. As for Roush vehicles, appears to be the best source for verifying those cars.

3)- PLEASE use the search feature as we see A LOT of multiple posts on the same subject (exhaust, CAI kits, power ratings, etc...) If the search feature fails or you can't find a related thread on the first FIVE pages, then feel free to post away

3)- This section is for enthusiasts/owners and potential enthusiasts/owners of the above mentioned Specialty Stangs. If you are not an enthusiast or potential enthusiastand don't have anything good to say, then please refrain. You may not like these cars, and thats fine - but this is not the place to flame somebody because you don't agree with how much people spent on their Specialty Cars, how must faster your car is for less money, etc, etc..... Saleen & Roush Clone owners are also welcom...that is a form of enthusiasm, just don't let us catch you claiming authenticity [8D]

4) - Newbies and non-enthusiasts/owners are always welcome. We will welcome you with open arms and a smile, so long as you are following rules 1-4, and you talk with common sense.

5) - And as with any forum, follow some simple grammar rules - spelling, punctuation and the shift key are your friends. And PLEASE DON'T SHOUT AT US

Thats all folks. Not trying to play hard a$$, just trying to keep things rolling as good as they have this past year as we move into 2008.

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We are now happy to take bug reports on this forum, however we do have a few rules that you'll need to abide by for your report to be read.
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