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mfk1988 06-25-2014 12:46 PM

New 2012 BOSS 302 Owner Questions
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Hey all!

Haven't posted in a long time. Looking for some help from fellow BOSS owners. Just picked up my 2012 a few weeks ago and love it so far!

1. What kind of oil/gas are you guys running? Will probably switch her over to full synthetic going forward and have used Mobil 1 in the past. Also using 87 octane but wondering if 91 is more beneficial for the stock tune? Or does it matter?

2. Anyone have scratches on their steering wheel (the plastic spokes not the actual wheel)? Whoever had mine must have sucked at getting in/out. Would love to buff them but afraid I will make it worse. Any suggestions?

3. I have the torsen diff with Recaro seats option. Does anyone else hear a noise coming from the back of the car at higher speeds? Almost like a humming sound that gets louder as you go faster. Might be the diff and could be normal. Just wondering.

4. Cleaning/detailing input? I have never owned a car with stripes and such so not sure if I should stay away from those areas with wax or what you guys suggest. Same goes for the seats. Not sure how to clean alcantara lol.

Other input is much appreciated. I love this car and it's my DD so any advice on keeping her clean is welcomed!

Thanks All!

vbstang13 06-28-2014 02:20 PM

Not to many Boss owners on this forum apparently.

I'll try and help you out.

1. Your car came with 5w-50 full synthetic oil, thats what should be in it and thats what you should be using. Also it takes 8 quarts!!! I have had my Ford dealer put in the 5w-20 and only 6 quarts before so you have to specify when you drop it off and ask again when you pick it up. Read your service receipt to check again and always check the dip stick to make sure it's full.
When I bought my Boss salesman told me 87 octane was fine, I have only put in 93 octane no lower than 91 if I'm on a road trip and get find the 93. My car ran better with the higher octane gas when it had the stock tune.If your car has the track key program you have to use min 91 octane.

2. Not sure what to do on this one, I would be afraid to use any abrasives to buff it out for fear it would make it worse.

3.I don't have the torsion diff in mine but I do notice a lot more noise coming from the same area you mentioned, especially with the rear seats down. It is significantly more than my other Mustangs but that is because there isn't as much sound deadening material in the car to keep the weight down. The Boss also started out as a base stripped down GT not a premium model.

4. With the gloss stripes on the 2012 car I've used Mothers carnuba wax and also the Showtime detailer wax with zero problems. You do need to stay away from the matt black spoiler, rocker panels and rear valance. Wax will mess those up, make sure to wipe off immediately if you get any on there. If you get wax on there and notice to late and it leaves white streaking use Mothers Back to Black to restore it.
One thing that I highly recommend is that when you wash your car next clay bar it right after then put down sealer and glaze, polish and then a few layers of wax.

There are some really good write ups in the detailing section about what some guys do for their cars so check it out. I will sometimes spend anywhere from 4-7 hours just detailing my car. If you would like a step by step send me a PM and I'll lay it out for you.

The Boss is an amazing car have fun with it!!! Any plans for any mods?

rehagenyu 08-08-2014 09:26 AM

Regarding the oil, we run Mobil 1 10w-50 in both the street cars that we build and the race cars that we race.

Like vbstang said your car comes with 5w-50 from the get go. We run 93 for our street cars. Our racers get 110 but I assume you are not interested in spending $10/gal :D

What you are hearing is most likely the diff. The Boss has stiffer bushings and less sound deadening so the sound from the diff carries through the body. I wouldn't be worried if its just a hum. If its a periodic rumble I would be a little more concerned =)

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