Fun runs..... 2 kills for the 3.7 -

Street/Strip Raced a guy from a light? Had that ride of yours on the timed track? Tell your story here.
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Default Fun runs..... 2 kills for the 3.7

SO, out n about tonight with the wifey, my buddy pulls up at the store and we start shootin the **** for a lil bit. We've been wanting to line up since I got my car, even though we knew what the outcome would be.

He has a 94/95 GT, vert, with, as far as I know, 3.90 Motives, shorty-back exhaust, and maybe an intake or K&N. He also has some aftermarket Sparco-looking seats, quite a bit of suspension (for handling more then straightline), carbon fiber hood and decklid, and lighter weight Steeda wheels, fwiw. He was by himself, I had the wife. We go from a 20ish roll, and by shifting into 3rd I had 3ish cars on him. He said he was powershifting and everything. He's pretty disapointed although the outcome was expected, but then again, he went from a 500ish fwhp Civic to this, lol.

2nd run was against my brother in his g/f's new ride, an '05 Nissan Altima SE-R. Real slick 6spd car, I like it a LOT. Bone stock, 260hp/251tq, weighing in @ 3320lbs with half-tank. I was in my car which was @ 3400lbs on the nose, with 1/4 tank. We go from 2 20ish rolls, pretty much even till I hit 3rd, then I pull out 1-1.5 cars by the 115 limiter. Then we try a 45 roll (2nd for me).... he jumps out a 1/4 car, I hit 3rd and pull 3/4 car till I get on the limiter. Again, he was alone, I had the wifey, screamin the whole way

All in all, nothing too unexpected, but I really didn't know what to expect from the Nissan. It rolls on out pretty good considering its a 4dr car, prolly good for 9.20's @ 80 we're thinking.

Im glad to finally know the weight of the car, about 3700 with me in it and 1/2 tank, roughly. ANYways, sorry for the long post again, but thanks for looking!
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Those were some great runs man!!! Fun too hahaha I know it would of gotten a bit ugly if you was alone too but oh well. I finally got to run somebody and I've been wanting to line up with ya to see exactly how the SE-R does. I'm still trying to get all the 87oct gas out of the car and get all 93 in it.

I know I said this earlier but that 3.7 started sounding wicked when you got into 3rd and that thing was sucking me up and blowing by me lol.

In case anyone wondered my thoughts on the SE-R Altima I LOVE IT!!!! hahaha very nice car love the wheels, the suspention feels great, shifts sooo smooth, great sound, very torquey (spelling) and very short geared. On these runs I had to shift into 5th to keep the race going while the 2.73 geared stang was just winding out 3rd lol

the car does have a 4.13 final drice and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are geared very close together. Can't wait to get it to the track tho to see how it exactly stacks up to the stock NE
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