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cobra443 01-18-2009 08:50 AM

Need Input's on 03 Cobra!!
Hey guys, I am looking at trading my GT in for an 03 Cobra. It is yellow conv. w/ black top. It has 70K miles, only modification is the intake. Not sure which on it is. It does have newer tires on it, I think the front ones rub. Not sure on the width, I didnt get to look at it to much. It has one scratch on the front bumber. Interior is in great condition. I do have a ? about the shifter. This one has a EXTREMELY short thow, is this aftermarket? The salesman said it was stock, I believe he is lying or has no clue what he is talking about. Sticker is 19,900. What I am looking at now is 26K out the door with the payoff of my car, about 22K. They are giving me 17K for my car, and told me to sell my s/c and all the other little mods. Basically I will be adding 4K to what I owe on my car to get this deal done. I told them my top dollar was 23K, they are saying NO, but ill see how long they hold out. Opinions guys?? Thanks

MAD SVT 01-18-2009 09:28 AM

thats not a bad price... but thats alot of miles for a termi that you dont know how hard it was drivin for those 70k.

the shifter probaby is short throw, the stock one is also short but if you saying its extremely short, then its probably aftermarket. my hertz feels like it clicks into place on every gear, something the oem one didnt do.

keep in mind... when i finally sell my cobra.. it will look like the one your looking to buy, i'll take off all my stuff and the salesmen wont have a clue how much i drove the piss out of it.

my advice? private party sale, most svt owners are proud of what they're selling, there wouldnt be any (or as much) tricks. and also, you're obviously going to bolt on everything that the internet has to offer right? might as well buy it that way and let the guy whos selling it take the mark down on all that stuff... KB cobras with built motors on ebay 24-28k all day long.
(or buy that one for 20, and add 12k for the same mods)

wow, its easy spending someone elses money....

cobra443 01-18-2009 09:31 AM

Your right, I plan on modding like crazy. Thats why I would get rid of mine... I dunno I just have a soft spot for cobra's... I just want one now! haha

cobra443 01-18-2009 10:12 AM

No other inputs? Anyone know a good one I could get ahold of? Thanks.

Tims 88GT 01-18-2009 10:32 AM

I have an 03 cobra. I honestly dont like ur salesman. With that many miles thats a lil on the high side I think. There is a hard top redfire cobra on ebay with 50k for 20. thats a lot less miles. There is also a dsg cobra on ebay with mods 104k for 16.8 buy it now. Keep look man.

cobra443 01-18-2009 10:47 AM

Well Technically I would only be paying like 9k if I pay what they want with my trade in... I told them I would do it for 6K, over my trade in. Leaving me with basically same payoff, just even up trade.

Mustang3GT07 01-18-2009 12:40 PM

I say do it but keep looking. Selling my s197 gt best thing I ever did. I found my terminator for $26k out the door and it was 100% stock with only 12k miles on it. Rite now it has only 14k miles on it. That cobra is to much money for all the miles. Look farther away. I traded my s197 at the dealer towards my cobra that was 6 hours away. Keep looking!

Timspony 01-18-2009 02:18 PM

$$$ seems too much to me considering the Cobra has 70k on the clock...I would take your time & search!

If you really want to trade your GT, put it back to stack and try to'll get more then what a dealer is asking + you can a lot better buying a Cobra without a trade IMO!

I have a '05 GT which is nice, but hands down the Cobra is a great car...take your time!

cobra443 01-18-2009 02:27 PM

My GT is currently up for sale.. I have been looking for a little while. I'll keep seaching. Thanks for the input.

945LSTANG 01-18-2009 02:46 PM

i would look for a coupe...vert mustangs arent that great IMO.

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