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Questions for Cobra owners

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Default Questions for Cobra owners

Ok i posted in other section also. I have a 03 Gt and Im trying to decide if i should sell it and buy the 05-09 Gt or sell two my cars and buy a 03/04 Cobra. I cant afford a brand new one. And If I bought a Cobra, Im hoping to find one in the mid to high teens. Anyhow, here are my questions.

1. Is a stock Cobra as fast or faster than a new stock 5.0?

2. How much more $ does it take to make a Cobra hit approx 500 engine HP?

3. Whats your average mpg in a Cobra when driving normal?

4. I know Cobras have forged internals, do you know if the new 5.0 has forged internals?

5. Why do you upgrade the factory supercharger? Is it not good enough.

6. Can you just add a different size pulley and dyno tune to gain alot more HP?

Thanks and any help would be appreciated. Im pretty sure I will be selling my car and I want a fast car but cant afford a new one. I love the newer body style but I think the Cobras are just wayyy above your typical new edge mustang.
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1) would depend on the driver stock for stock. They are both very similar.
2) It costs alot less for 500hp on a cobra than the 5.0. Pulley + a tune can net you 450+ and you wont even spend 1,000 bucks. 5.0 will need nitrous.
3) i avg about 19mpg when i can help myself and not play... which is rare.
4) I do not think the 5.0 has forged internals, i may be wrong. The cobras pistons are the weakest link, but they are still very durable under 600hp.
5) The factory eaton is a good blower and with some porting and pulleys easily can go over 500 hp... but when the hp bug bites you, a twin screw is a whole different beast. I think the eaton stops out in the high 500s... then you have to add nitrous. Where the twin screw can run stock levels of boost up to 30lbs of boost. This can easily go deep into the 700s-800s on a stock motor if you wanted to push it that hard, and even more power on built motors.
6) On the cobra yes, very easy reliable power with not much work/cash. With the 5.0 no, you cant just change a pulley.

Bottom line, they are both sick cars. The cobra is more limited and easier to mod, but the 5.0 has the "new" look that alot of people like. To me if i had to choose i would buy another cobra if the choice was mine.
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^^^ Well said!! ...I also love both of my Cobra's and would buy another one!!
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Hey bud,

I pretty much agree with redneckracer also, based on my admittedly limited knowledge. But I'll add my 2 cents worth anyway...

1. I've seen articles reporting the 0-60 speed of the Cobra between as much as 5.2s and as low as 4.5s, and I've seen reports on the new 5.0 of between about 5.4s and 4.8s. So yeah that seems like a driver's race.

2. Yep everyone agrees that you can get to 500 hp and even 500 rwhp pretty damn cheaply on the Cobra. They apparently respond quite well to a CAI and exhaust, better than most other models. So CAI and exhaust alone gets you a fair amount, add pulley and a tune and you're gold. I found this article a while back and saved it. They did their own tuning, but other than that it gives a good idea of power gains and cost...

3. I also average about 19 mpg in mixed driving, more city than highway. I get about 25 when all highway.

4. What he said, I got nothing else

5. Like with many other parts of the car, the Eaton roots is used because it's a good mix of cost, performance, efficiency, reliability, and all that, and certainly not because it's the best blower out there. It's a good blower, but yeah, for folks that can afford it, swapping it out for a twin-screw or the newer TVS roots blower is an easy way to add lots more power.

6. Absolutely. Seems to be the best 'bang for the buck' upgrade.

I can't emphasize how much I love this car. You're right, they are way about the other New Edge models. I'm like you, I couldn't afford it when it was new, and I certainly can't afford a new GT500 now. But this has been a fantastic used car purchase, I have zero regrets on buying it. Between the Cobra and an 05-09 GT, I'd take the Cobra every time...
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Thanks for all the info guys. Now I have to wait for my pinkslip to arrive for my 03 (yes i bought it used and just paid it off ) and then I will probably have a friend repaint bumpers sinces its scratched up and then try to sell it. Its been an awesome reliable car but I feel scared to even race anybody when Im cruising the streets. It just feels soo slow.
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Congrats on the 03 bro. I really want one too. I just luv how they sound under boost.

Hate to thread Jack u but how good are the 99 cobras?
What are the up n downs of that year since I heard something about the numbers are inaccurate?
What are good/ typical mods to do?
Can u add a stock supercharger from a newer cobra to mine? Pros/cons.
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