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xx10Gt 11-03-2013 12:55 PM

good deal on '99, going to look
hey everybody, im interested in a '99 cobra. Its electric green, dark charcoal interior. 1 of 185 so its pretty cool that its kind of rare. It has 25k miles on it and it is already supercharged with a paxton supercharger. sports a cobra R wing and cervini's hood... 95 R replica i think? anyways... clean car fax, 2 owner

I would make quite a drive to look at it. i contacted the ownership of the small dealer and he seemed very friendly and willing to work with me, he said he'd cut me a deal because of winter being so close. He's asking for 13,900 but i would most likely pay by cash/check. i was thinking of offering 10k and seeing what he would say. what does everyone think? i think this is a good price as is.... it looks pretty clean.

I would obviously look at it more closely in person and listen for any engine or drivetrain issues. He said the car runs and looks fantastic, and looks pretty well taken care of. I would have to take off the cobra r wing... i think it would draw too much unwanted attention to it in my neighborhood. anyways what do you guys think about it? i personally think it would be a good price.. and i love that color. Let me know what ya'll think! thanks! - Mike

ctgreddy 11-03-2013 09:05 PM

Looks like a pretty clean car. It's got a 2001 rear bumper on it which is nice. And those are 2000 cobra r wheels. but for the low mileage and already being blown even the asking price is a pretty good deal. Go ahead and offer 10, see what he says, maybe he'll take it or even if you have to pay 12/13 for it dont worry about the costs.

And yes please if you get it pull that wing off. They look horrible unless it's a true cobra r.

xx10Gt 11-03-2013 09:27 PM

right... i know a decent amount about superchargers and whatnot, but not too much about paxton. i know its comparable to a vortech being centrifugal but other than that not much. How reliable are they and how much power do they put down i imagine at what, 8 psi?

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