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Slammintone 02-28-2014 01:44 PM

Pass on the new Mustang
Yes, Ford really turned the Mustang into, something else. It's rediculous, I mean by the looks of the thing the 2015 Mustang appears to be nothing more than a crass attempt by Ford to appeal to the rice racer crowd. On that level it's going to fail because those dudes don't like American cars no matter what they look like. I watched a YouTube vid of some French guy Ford hired to design the new Mustang and he's all like, "you see, it looks exactly like a 1964-1965 Mustang but with global appeal". Really?? From up close it looks like a hopped up Fusion or Taurus and from a distance it's hard to tell you're not looking at a 2013 Dodge Charger. For you guys that will have anything that has a Mustang logo on it, good for you. But if you buy one because you think it will *grow on you* as I've read over and over on this S550 2015 Forum then all I can say is you're fooling yourselves. When I buy a car I don't think, well it's sorta silly looking but hey it's only $40,000 and beside's it will grow on me. I don't like things growing on me!! I see something growing on me I get the razor blades out. If a performance car doesn't absolutely bowl you over with coolness from the minute you see it driving into the showroom then why are you buying it? Trust me, if you ain't wild about it from day one it just gets worse, it's not something you're going to get used to. Frankly, up until 2014 the Mustang had a wicked, muscular character that was about as USA as you can get these days. The new car has lost all of that IMO.

OK flame away!!

Hamidar05 02-28-2014 02:52 PM

Here here

Cristoff 02-28-2014 03:09 PM

For me, it's just too early to tell. Until I can put mine side by side and look at both together, I won't make a determination on how much I love or hate it.

I'll need to see the new tech involved, drive it to see the differences, THEN I can speak intelligently about it.

Anyone that loves or hates the car unconditionally based on paper write ups and a few auto shows is a fool in my opinion.

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