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VTX1800N1 07-23-2014 03:12 AM

Photoshop request
I really like everything about the new car, sans the Fusion mated with a Honda front end look. I think Ford really dropped the ball in some significant ways with the appearance of the upcoming model. Unfortunately I'm no good with Photoshop so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. This is what I think Ford should have done differently:

The front bumper needs a shelf that sticks out beyond the leading edge of the grill. The problem here is that the natural height for the bumper shelf below the headlights doesn't appear to be at the same height as the natural position below the grill. The original 64 1/2 had a bumper like this (that continued into subsequent generations), so that might play well anyway.

The headlights need a slightly more pronounced brow. This lack of a brow is what most makes the front look like a Honda IMO.

The car desperately needs hockey stick scallops behind the doors. That's just one classic feature that immediately says "Mustang" and should be on every car that bears the name.

Just my humble opinion, but those changes would really make this car stick out as a Mustang and not just another 2 door sports car. The rear of the car looks great. I can see hints of the 69 and 65 back there. The front needs a lot of help. Anyone want to take a stab at it?

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Cruzinaround 07-23-2014 12:25 PM

I'm not getting it or buying that it doesn't spank of Mustang. Simply look at the 2013-14 front fascia and then look at the front fascia on the 2015.

Ford went from defining the different models in the front fascia treatment to a unified look in 2013-14.

And that transition to the current 2015 front fascia is actually not that extreme. It kinda just morphs naturally into the new look.

There's a song for the peeps who are really stuck on the s197...

From the kid's movie Frozen.

"Let it go." ;-)

just saying

VTX1800N1 07-23-2014 03:00 PM

I'm hardly alone in my opinion that this car does not say "Mustang" from the front, and just because Ford is going to a unified look across its fleet does not make that a good thing. Ford and other manufacturers have made plenty of design mistakes over the years. There are certain cues that should always be present in a car as iconic as the Mustang. IMO, what Ford has done with the current model is definitely a mistake. Maybe it was done for aerodynamics....? Still a mistake. An no, I'm not just paying homage to the S197, rather the entire lineage of the Mustang from 64 1/2 forward....

E_cox310 07-23-2014 04:53 PM's simple. Get over it. I prefer the S197 as well but i'm not losing sleep or stressing the issue like a lot of people are.

VTX1800N1 07-23-2014 05:30 PM

Wow, ask for a simple Photoshop request and look at all the attitude I get in return. Never mind. Mods, delete the damned thread already.....

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SPARTAN VI 07-23-2014 05:44 PM

I'll take a stab at it tonight, because I agree that it could use a little more traditional mustang styling cues. The "hockey stick" lines on the sides are certainly missed and the clear departure from the traditional front fascia arrangement have been met with a mixed reception. In time I have no doubts that the styling will grow on me personally, as the 2010-2012 S197 and SN95 designs have.

VTX1800N1 07-23-2014 06:17 PM


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LordRipberger 08-25-2014 11:52 AM

Did spartan ever complete the rendition?

VTX1800N1 08-25-2014 03:46 PM

Never saw a thing....

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SPARTAN VI 08-26-2014 12:00 AM

Nah I gave it a shot a while back, but didn't amount to anything worth sharing.

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